Will Sex Dolls Finally Replace Women In The Future

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The discussion on whether sex doll will one day in future replace women altogether has never yet reached its ultimate conclusion. Some say yes, others no. But before we go any further into this discussion let us begin by understanding the term ‘replace.’ It refers to entirely standing in place of something or someone in this case women. Replacing women, therefore, would mean that the love dolls will be assuming all the duties and physiological body responsibilities of a woman. But how possible can this be

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For quite some time now, sex dolls have remained a source of sexual pleasure for most people. Out of their immense satisfaction in this, some have gone as far as getting married to them. Yes, I know it sounds crazy and insane, but that’s the naked fact. On the other hand, there are institutions, individuals, and even groups who are relentlessly objecting to the far embracement of these dolls in real human life. So, the battle has remained a push and pull game with no one with a clear idea of where it leads.

While still finding out whether sex dolls will finally replace women, let’s discuss some key reasons why people go for these dolls in the first place.

Key Reasons Why Men Chose Sex Dolls Over Real Women: Winning Benefits Of Sex Dolls

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For varied individual reasons, people resort to buying these love dolls to help serve their sexual quest and cravings. Among the most common and valuable ones include the following.

A Sex Doll Costs Much Lesser Than A Real Girl

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What this statement means is that you only spend once for a sex doll, while buying it yet a real girl will require spending all through her life. Real girls are human. At one or more points they will need food, health care, accommodation, clothing, outings and several other things which results in a lot of spending.

Where else, sex dolls only require you to pay its initial sale price. Apart from that what you can spend in for her clothes perhaps but this is never a must. They can stay with one pair as long as you want without any complaint or awkward appearance. The high-end types like the silicone sex dolls may be expensive but you buy them once and for all.

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No More Time-Wasting On Finding A Right Girl

Finding the right girl, probably that whom you would even want to marry is never a walk in the park. Well, at least for some people. It takes time for them, and if they imagine their thirst for sex, they tend to lose patience hence seek the nearest solution. Sex dolls come conveniently for men in such situations as they only spend once and have a sex partner forever. They can, therefore, enjoy unlimited sex play as much as they would need it.

Some men concede that there is no right girl. Most of these people have suffered heartbreaks from girls they earlier thought were rightly dependable. It is, therefore, this perception that drives them towards considering the sex dolls as their ultimate solution. After all, they are cheap to maintain than real girls.

Sex Dolls Will Not Bring You A Headache

It is quite typical of women to nag and accompanies that with high mood swings. Unfortunately, some men do not like such. They would love a woman who welcomes them with a smile and remains submissive to their sexual expectations and demand in some cases. However, real women out of hormonal activities, no woman remains this way all along. They will always have those frequencies of sadness and happiness. Sex dolls, however, are ever happy and ready for sex anytime. From this consideration, you find that some men prefer sex dolls rather than real girls.

Sex Dolls Will Never Betray You

Betrayal in a relationship is one of the painful occurrences one never wishes to face. When you notice that your woman is a sex toll for every man approaching her then that can potentially destroy the relationship you had entirely between the two of you. When it comes to sexual urges, body hormones tend to play a more significant role. If you are the loose type, you would never think twice about cheating on your partner with a close admirer.

One can, however, trust a sex doll. They are ever loyal and faithful to the one that is you unless you do share them with other people. Sex dolls will never sneak out in a bid to cheat on her ‘husband.’ You will always find them in the same place and position you left them earlier.

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Lifelike Sex Dolls Will Never Say No To You

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Sex dolls are never any real human beings to have a preferred choice on who they want and whom they don’t. To them, all people are equal all they ‘need’ so much is sex. Whether you are ugly, rich, handsome, weak or any other description, they will never complain but instead offer you satisfying sexual services.

Real girls will often judge you right from your appearance before they decide to go with you in bed. The problem only comes when you are in a situation that no rightful lady wants you. That’s when you realize sex dolls could have helped you long ago. In this case, lifelike types would be much better.

Sex Dolls Do Not Get Pregnant

Among the key differences between sex dolls and real women is the fact that dolls never get pregnant while women do. It occurs that some men would never want to have children so soon enough when they are not yet ready or in low financial stability. Such men would instead go for sex dolls to avoid any pregnancy cases.  Pregnancy comes with a lot more responsibilities which if possible one can opt for one of the sex dolls.

Sex Dolls Do Not Pass On STDs

Unlike the real women out there, you can at least have full trust in a sex doll not to pass on your STD. Sex dolls never cheat nor betray their partners. They will ever remain faithful to you unless it is that used in a brothel – which of cause gets sterilized cleaned before the next client uses them.

What Women Say About The Possibility Of Sex Dolls Replacing Them In The Future

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Surprisingly, as much as some women could be against sex dolls, some have come to value their existence. What would hurt a woman most is seeing her husband lose attention for her for another woman. That pain would even be in excess if at all, they are real women he is concentrating on. It is pure jealousy.

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On the other hand, those who allow sex dolls to play their part often do have better reasons. A typical example would be If they are traveling far for quite some time and leaving behind their husbands. Or if they feel unfit for more sex due to chronic ill-health condition or age yet, their partners still want to play sex. At least they can trust sex dolls for so many things than real women.

Women Are Women; They Are Irreplaceable If You Want Children

Yes, this is true. You don’t expect a sex doll to conceive and give birth. They lack all it takes for the entire pregnancy and child delivery procedures. Remember they are artificial, nothing more.

Sex Dolls Are Sex Toys; They Don’t Have Emotions

It is hormones which control human emotions. Sex dolls do not have any in them. Hence, they will always wear their usual mood no matter what. Humans, on the other hand, will have to experience mood swings each time in their ordinary lives. If you have a realistic sex doll who always smiles, she will be doing so for the rest of her ‘life’.

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Sex Robots Don’t Have To Be The Future Of Porn

Sadly it is already happening. Lots of porn videos nowadays feature lots of sex dolls. Some find fun in watching those rather than those involving two real persons who have so far become monotonous. Controlling this is going to be an uphill task.

Final Thoughts

Knowing exactly if sex dolls will finally replace women is quite tricky. The reason for this being that sex dolls as well come with lots of advantages over real women yet Women still bear certain responsibilities no sex doll can handle like handling pregnancy. So who will men choose at the end? Well, it is a wait and see the situation.

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