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TPE Vs Silicone Sex Doll


If you are comfortable, have fun using them and don’t mind about the stereotypes, a sex doll is the perfect adult toy to keep in your house. It is great for recently separated individuals who love to have sexual pleasures but isn’t ready to go through the turmoil and tension of finding a genuine woman.

A realistic sex doll may cost you quite a few dollars, but it’s more affordable compared to going out on a few dates with your gal. Also, you aren’t sure whether the dates may end with a sexual encounter or not. Busy guys might not get time to spend quality time with a real-life woman companion. This sex doll review post is all about knowing about this wonderful piece more closely.

Types Of Sex Doll Available

There are different kinds of sex dolls you can find these days, and almost every one of them can be customized to fit your needs. Here are the different types of sex dolls you can find.

  • Silicone sex dolls – More realistic and softer than their counterparts, the silicone sex dolls provide a diverse variety of options alongside a skin-like feel. Equipped with removable facial features, you can adjust her expression along with her bodily arrangement.
  • TPE sex dolls – Quite similar to silicone in feel and look, a TPE sex doll gives you more comfort. TPE dolls are lighter and smaller than the silicone dolls. These dolls become very realistic when they are warmed. Also, the softness in them creates a more vivid experience.
  • Stuffed sex dolls – Different from the TPE and silicone sex dolls, the stuffed sex dolls bring in animation to your life in spite of realism. These adult toys have a variety of styles, mainly anime-inspired girls. With slits for vagina inserts, you don’t have to worry about damaging the material.
  • Blow-up sex dolls – These are the inflatable sex dolls, which haven’t changed much. They are made from PVC and many companies provide them with solid limbs. People who have limited storage space can make good use of it. They are strictly for masturbation and don’t fulfill the needs of the others in the list.
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Are Sex Dolls Worth In Your Sex Life

Having sex is good for your health because it gives you a healthy immune system, helps reducing pain and stress. For a sex doll, however, there is no such evidence that could be associated with a healthy body. But, they have the ability to express your sexuality in the most amazing ways.

Sex dolls tend to increase the intimacy between you and your partner. The busy schedule of work in everybody’s life has led to certain confrontations in life. As such, it has a direct impact on their sexual life. Sex dolls help to clear off the misconceptions and influences to grow the relationship deeper.

Single people can find these dolls very useful as they tend to have a satisfying sexual experience with them. Sex dolls encourage you to explore some of the unknown things relating to sexual life. This way, you are filled with knowledge and excitement. Not only you are spicing the things in your bedroom, but you are achieving sexual satisfaction.

The Best Sex Doll Types Available In 2020

When it comes to the best sex doll types in 2020, the ones build with TPE materials would be the best choice. There are tons of sex dolls manufacturer and each of them delivers a wide variety of products. The best adult dolls provide you with a realistic experience that replicates much of the original thing.

Guys who don’t like to maintain attachments or any kind of hook-ups can prefer to use sex dolls. These dolls are capable of providing extreme satisfaction of sex and won’t leave you hanging. Also, the best dolls won’t compromise when it is about the features.

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The high-grade materials present in the best dolls give you the most realistic experience that lasts for a long time. The material that imitates the human skin is silicone combined with TPE. Because of its specialty, TPE sex dolls are the best choice in 2020.

TPE Vs Silicone Sex Doll: Which Is Best

These days, you can find a lot of manufacturers that produce realistic sex dolls. The materials that these dolls are made of consists mainly of silicone or TPE. But, which of them is better? Well, you can’t say which one could be the best. Both silicone and TPE materials have their share of advantages and disadvantages.

Almost every adult toy is made with silicone that feels like real human skin. People who buy intimate toys, tend to look out for their material and price. Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE differs from silicone in regards to its price, which is a bit higher.

Silicone or TPE, it’s the price that you should be willing to pay while purchasing. To some people, the realism of a sex doll and its appearance is of utmost importance. If you want to spend a fortune and experience sex in a more realistic approach, it is good to choose TPE sex dolls.

How To Make Sex More Enjoyable With A Sex Doll

Waiting for the main event with the doll? Here it is. People buy these adult dolls for a realistic, sexual companionship. Because they are designed for this specific purpose, they provide you with lots of excitement and pleasure. With the best practices in hand, you are sure to rock and roll.

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Vaginal sex is the most common way for an individual to enjoy with their sex doll. These sex dolls are equipped with a fully functional vagina, either or removable vagina. Also, you can experience both anal and oral sex with these adult toys. Sometimes in real life, it becomes difficult to find a willing partner to maneuver these actions. With a sex doll, you can have an intense experience.

Final Thoughts:

The amazing world of sex dolls is upgrading and expanding constantly. Different kinds of prototype sex dolls equipped with artificial intelligence are right around the corner. The range is widening because of the improved technology and there could be some new and exciting products in the market future.

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