What Is Behind Attraction For Sexual Dolls

Sexual Love Dolls

Have you had a chance to meet and perhaps touch a realistic sex doll before? Maybe yes or no, but the fact holds that they are nothing you can resist especially if you have a high sexual appetite. Imagine that dream sex partner with all the sexy and beauty features you didn’t even think would exist in reality ever, and now they are yours like forever.

Until lately, I never thought sexual pleasure dolls were anything different from the kids playing dolls. At least that is what could come into my mind when I heard about them until I happened to see one, a lifelike sex doll my friend and neighbor had. He had taken her for a little walk in a wheelchair and they were there in the woods smiling at each other. Here is where my interest in love dolls began growing.

Viola 148cm M Cup Japanese Love Doll

I started digging up more information on love dolls and love doll sex. I came to learn of the very many categories existing; the BBW sex dolls, teenage sex dolls, ebony love dolls, realistic sex dolls among many others. However within these categories of selection, still there are finer details a buyer needed to look at while choosing their most preferred model. Otherwise, below are some essential information on sex dolls that gets people attracted to their use.

Make Material – TPE & Silicone Dolls

So far, all the available sex dolls are either made from TPE or Silicone materials. The Silicone dolls seem to show greater endurance to most environments and are easy to maintain. They resist marks and scratches thus remains ever smooth and more realistic. Price-wise, they are more expensive compared to TPE dolls

TPE dolls are also remarkable in their making if you can find realistic or lifelike types. They give the same love doll sex as silicone types. It is majorly their skin bringing the difference. Compared to that of silicone dolls, theirs are more porous and can’t allow proper sterilization. However, they are smoother and soft to touch.

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158cm C Cup Pure Love Dolls

How Sex Dolls Are Made

The making of sex dolls involves a lot of manufacturing and processing procedures which all result in those beautiful/ cute sex dolls you see. Today, most producing companies are applying upgraded technologies in their products to make them better each day. The sound and temperature technology, for instance in lifelike sex dolls is one that so much enhances the sexual pleasure a user gets.

To make it even more real your love doll sex, the manufacturers produce customizable models. Hence you can design your dream sex lover bearing all the features you intend.

Size And Shape – Cup And Size

All humans do have preferences, especially when it comes to selecting their sex partners. Maybe you have experienced this, a sex play with the person you like their appearance and features is much sweeter than any other. Sex dolls manufactures are so aware of this fact and hence avails all the possible models you would possibly want from every sex doll category. Go to any pronounced sex doll retailer shop; you will find the big and petite sex dolls, those with large and small bra sizes (C or E cups or any other), the tall and short, the big booty, the muscular and among many others.

Apart from the ready-made ones, you can still make special order requests involving the features of the model you want. Or you can buy a customizable one to allow later upgrades.

Sexy Parts

These mainly include the orifices. Most dolls will offer you sexual pleasures through three holes, mouth, anus, and vagina. Any of these holes bear similar structural design as real human beings. Some dolls have them removable and exchangeable to maybe the right size and structure one would prefer or be more comfortable with.

The latest lifelike models come with more technological upgraded genitals consisting of vibrators to enhance sexual pleasure. Added to this is the temperature technology which keeps the genital areas warm and more realistic. For oral sex, some dolls will allow you to remove the tongue just to make your love doll sex more convenient and enjoyable.

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Do My Family And Friends Know About My Sex Dolls

Emmi 158cm Iris Elf Anime Love Doll

Family View

At first, it felt to them as a betrayal. My partner was furious. She knew henceforth I would divert my attention to the doll and not her. However, that did not hurt her so much as not knowing why I decided to buy a sex doll. Was she the problem? I mean, what was wrong is her? I am sure she desperately needed answers to these questions.

Our only daughter who is still too young to understand anything, I guess one day will fight me on this also. However, I will explain to her why. Her mom is a traveler and travels to other continents for more extended periods of up to 6 months. I just thought a sex doll would be better than cheating.

Friend Opinion

My friends have split views on this too. Those who understand why I bought a sex doll agree with me; the others don’t. It is quite challenging. Those who do not agree with me view me as an unethical, betrayer, and keep on judging me every day. Where else, those in my support some of them have as well resorted to buying theirs. They have to have a more natural way to satisfy their sexual cravings.

Popular Opinion

Not everybody accepts the use of sex dolls. Those who see the dire need they tend even to buy it. Otherwise, some hold on to the opinion that the use of sex dolls show a high degree of immorality. Hence, they do not accept it at all.

Do I Take My Sex Doll Out In Public

 No, I don’t. However, I have seen a friend and a neighbor around taking his. I have a wife whom I need to save her reputation. Exposing the doll to the public would seem like humiliation to her. People will ask, what about his wife? No, that is something I wouldn’t wish for my wife. After all, the doll will never complain of being ever indoors.

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What Is It Like To Have Sex With A Sex Doll

Astri 158cm Rose Sexy Love Doll

Love doll sex is amazingly awesome. Many of you who might have had a sex play with lifelike sex dolls would bear me witness on this. They give you the most out of sex play. Remember, they never get tired no matter how many sexes plays you have with them. Secondly, in the case of female dolls, their vagina never enlarges despite several sex plays. Unlike humans who can only play a few sex positions, they can give you more out of their high flexibility without complaining.

I think each person should at least have a sex doll. Above all, these dolls are pregnancy/ infection risk-free. It is safe and unlimited sex they offer.

Are Sex Dolls Excellent Or Bad

If you think sex dolls are bad, then most likely you haven’t had a chance with realistic sex dolls. For others, they have even become life partners and are treated as wives and husbands owing to their more significant advantages over humans.


Up to this far in this article, I believe you have grabbed essential information concerning love dolls and why people go for them. If you narrow all these points down, the final reason as to why people get attracted to them is the lots of advantages it offers over real people.

If you have decided to buy one, ensure you go for a quality model that incorporates all the special features you want. The dolls are generally expensive, and you wouldn’t want to lose money on vague or less durable products.

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