Quality Tips On How To Travel With Your Sex Doll This Holiday Season

The year 2021 is wrapping up, and we are now starring at the festive season ahead. What is our plan this time, traveling? Well, this could be what most of us are thinking. Perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been apart; from lovers, family, and even relatives, and we cannot miss just another opportunity to see and meet them.

For most of us, however, sex dolls have been part of our lives for the better part of the year, and now our major challenge is how to travel with them. Wait! Do even the traffic rules allow the ferrying of a love doll from one locality to the next? Much more information on this is well explained in this article. For now, let’s begin with some of the golden tips on how to travel with a sex doll this time.

Use Proper Packaging For Your Sex Doll

Proper packaging is critical in any sex doll transportation event, more so for air transport. Often there are strict security checks at the airport not to allow illegal or unwanted goods/ items crossing over to the other side. Sex dolls come with their packages, which are highly effective for transport usages. However, when using a suitcase or any other package, then proper wrapping must always be done. The best material for can be non-reactive velvet or lace. The package should entirely cover all the doll’s section to avoid any prying eyes. If we are carrying two or more dolls in one package, they should never touch each other. All the rubbing and shaking in the travel can cause chemical reactions, thus damaging both dolls. A transparent barrier always has to be between the sex doll items to prevent any eventualities.

Chose A Cheap, Handy Sex Doll For Traveling

Traveling at times could be rough. All the shacking along the way can cause breakages to these dolls, some that may not be easy to repair. Sometimes, it is all about where we will be taking them – how safe is the area in terms of security? It can be heartbreaking to lose a high-end sex doll such as the AI robotic model just like that – someone sneaking in and stealing it.

Less pricy sex dolls like the small sex doll types often are the best for traveling or torso dolls. First, its size offers much convenience when it comes to transportation. Carrying any of such models from one position to the next is always much more comfortable than the case of a full-size BBW sex doll. Unless we are using personal means, it is always advisable that we remain vigilant of the sex doll size when planning any transportation. Secondly, it’s about the price. Most small sex or torso dolls come with relatively low prices. Therefore, it means that losing them may not be as hurtful as losing a $4000 worth sex doll. Again, if our holiday is not for too long, why carry a full-size sex doll? It will only be an added luggage that will bring lots of inconvenience to our travels.

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Prepare Sex Doll Checklist

Before we set off, transporting our sex dols to a new location here are things we should always consider. Always we must ensure we carry along with us the necessary tools needed for sex doll usage; below some of the essential ones that we should never forget.

  • Cleaning items: After every usage, a sex doll needs proper cleaning before storage. A proper fulfillment of this requires necessary cleaning items. Awash sponge and recommended detergent are, in this case, most important.
  • Lubes: Lubes makes sex with sex dolls smoother and most enjoyable, and always we should carry some when traveling. However, we must note that airlines do have their recommendable amounts – we can never carry excess. Finding out how much we can carry from the specific airlines is therefore quite essential.
  • Make-ups and clothes:Decent look and appearances always attract our sexual desires. When traveling, we should carry at least some beauty make-ups and clothes to make our dolls’ descent.

Proper Cleaning Before Storage

Dirt and moisture always tend to spoil different sections of sex dolls. A better way to avoid this is ever to ensure proper cleaning and drying before storage. This way, we will be assured of our dolls’ safety all through the travels we make.

Avoid Bondages

Adult tools have before raised security alerts in airports when scanning and search are done. However, much bondage sex is allowed; there could be challenges in transporting items involved. Most airlines consider items such as floggers, whips, and paddles self-defense items which flight regulations do not allow.  In most cases, the security at the airport will confiscate them.

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One the other hand, items such as handcuffs, rope, nipple clamps, hoods could be allowed; however, not all the time. Other airlines might impose restrictions on such. The trip here is always to package them in their original labeled packages. At least that way, the security people might understand why we are transporting the items. With this concern, however, note that blindfolds, and feather ticklers, are always allowed. We may not need to package them for easy purpose identification. Proper wrapping is, however, necessary to avoid snooping eyes of fellow passengers.

Transport Your Sex Doll Only To Places That Allow Them

Before we chose to travel abroad with our dolls, we must always ensure they are legal on that other side. Not all countries allow sex doll items nor their use. There is information on this online where we can know which countries all adult dolls and which do not. After that, we can now plan well where to transport our sexy love dolls.

Last Thoughts

Sex dolls will be quality love partners to have this round for holidays while the virus is still large. With them, we stand limited chances of contracting the virus as they can remain ultimate safe from it. Other more advantages peg on how they function; they never tire for sex and never conceive any contraceptives. More advantages they offer include budget relief – sex dolls only require little to zero budget to maintain. You can also view our other collections to know more: Anime Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsSmall Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsBlonde Sex DollSilicone Sex DollAI Robot Sex Doll and so on

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