The Ultimate Guide to Heating Your Sex Doll

Heating Sex Doll

Over time, the improvements in sex dolls have been on the outer appearance, which by now is far much enhanced. Currently, we have realistic sex doll models, which are on the primary trend of sales. Of course, there is an excellent specialty behind the realism aspect, and that remains quite significant. Such dolls offer the most lifelike sexual experiences anyone would desire. But what is this realism without sex doll heat?

There is quite a significant difference between sexual engagement with a warm and room temperature doll. A warm or heated sex doll seems to drive more sexual appetite than the otherwise doll. In this discussion, we will describe in detail the various ways and methods of heating your sex dolls. These will involve DIYs processes and built-in heating systems.

Internal Heating Systems

Technology in the sex doll industry is fast advancing. One illustration of this is the introduction of quality dolls with internally built heating systems. This technology offers supreme performance for its whole-body heating mechanism. Such models are overly pricy; however, they are the most efficient you can depend on for evenly spread heading.

How Internal Heating Systems Work

Different sex doll brands may have various internal heating systems; however, their work model is almost similar. These dolls feature a network of wiring all connecting to an outlet through which an external inlet power plug connects. The other end of the inlet power plug extends into a wall socket, which acts as the leading power supplier.

At the point where the extending wire connects with the wall socket, often, there is a plug fitted with a control panel. This feature allows you to set the required temperature, which ranges within that of humans. It only takes between 20 to 30 minutes to reach these temperatures; after that, your doll will be ready for use.

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Most sex dolls do have power inlet section under their armpit areas. For torsos with lower body sections, the positioning differs from one model to the next. Once the connection is on, however, the power reaches all the parts of the doll. This way, you will always experience warmth equalling that of humans in all the orifices.

Below are some of the pros and cons features of internal heating systems.


  • Most realistic warmth
  • Fast, effective and consistent heating
  • User convenient


  • Pricey – the prices differ in model terms
  • Repair and maintenance procedures can be hectic

External Heating Devices

If you have not bought a sex doll with an internal heating system, then most probably, it is the type with an external heating system. This technology combines an external heating device consisting of a wand and a connecting cable to a USB plug. Often this device comes free within the sex doll package; thus, you need not place a special request for it.

heating sex doll device

How Does It Work

How an external heating device works is simple. First, you have to connect the USB plug ending to the power supply source. Here you could use your phone’s plug. Once connected, you can now insert the wand into the orifices of your doll. The heating time is averagely 30 minutes, after which it will be okay to use your doll.


  • It comes as one package with the doll hence no extra buying hustles
  • Highly user convenient
  • Easily replaceable when need be


  • Restricted heating – only the orifices that substantially receives the heat, not the entire body
  • Less realistic compared to that of internal systems
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Alternative Heating Solutions

Internal and external heating systems are not the only methods you can adopt in this. Still, there are other hidden yet highly effective ones you can consider. The internal heating system has its advantages, but can you afford its price and maintenance?  What about the use of external heating devices, will you like its uneven heating strategy?

If any of these feels bulky, inconvenient, or unreliable to you, welcome to other most effective alternative methods.

Electric Heating Blanket

You know how this works, right? An electric blanket is a cover containing electrical heating wires. What you need in this case is to cover your doll in it for about 30 minutes. If you need more of its effectiveness, you can use it in combination with external heating devices.

Warming Lube

If you are not using an electric blanket, a warming lube can as well do the work. What you need is one of these recommendable brands and use them on your doll. The most recommendable type is the water-based type. You may need to conduct your little research on the best that works for you. Always ensure to follow the user instructions for better effectiveness.

Warm Bath

A warm bath can significantly raise the body temperature of your doll. The procedure here is to soak your doll in a water-filled bath tab and leave it soaked for some time.

Sleep With Doll

Another easy way to warm your doll is to sleep with it under one blanket. This practice allows the TPE material of your doll to collect substantial heat to make it considerably warm for use.

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