The Surge In Sex Doll Sales During Quarantine, Is It Because Of Loneliness

Covid-19 Vs Sex Doll

While it has been shut down and the loss-making period for lots of business, the sex doll industry is making merry and a boom in its sales lately. Several companies now reports tremendous sales to increase amounting to millions within the intense period of the Covid-19.

Sex Position

The truth here is that this global pandemic has adversely stalled normal human-socialization modes. The impact so far on this has been great loneliness caused among people as we embrace social distancing. However, as we do this, among the significant challenges is within our intimate relationships. How will they work out?

Sexual feelings are a natural occurrence within us, which we sometimes can’t control. Many refer to it as a weakness of our sole. The moment we feel detached from it, the situation simply makes us a little crazy and want to fill the gap as fast as possible. During this pandemic period, lots of people got separated from their infected and affected partners. However, that did not stop their sexual feelings and appetite – distancing made it all worse.

How Sex Dolls Have Sealed Loneliness During The Covid-19 Quarantine

If you only imagined sex dolls as sex machines, then you are wrong maybe that was long ago. The current sex doll designs are for more than sexual pleasures and enjoyment. Idollators, have you heard of them yet? These are people who have married sex dolls and are living with them as husbands and wives.

Apart from spending intimate time with them, they so much enjoy their company. In this case, they go for the top-class models featuring the most realistic/ lifelike features mimicking humans. These dolls can at least maintain short conversations meaning you can have a little realistic chat with them.

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Idollators mostly enjoy taking them for a walk, drive, or beach as a company. In the house, they place them in the sitting room, lounge, and dining table. Those who love movies always want their company on the couch where they can feel companied.

With the lockdown situation, sex dolls have been quite useful in providing company to lots of people more so those who stay alone. For the moments that at least you will feel bored, they will be there to give you the comfort you need. With them, you never have the time to miss your sexual partner immensely. These realistic sex-holic machines can it to you more than you may need.

It is quite fortunate the sex doll industry has more varied models coming with the features you like most. Your choice will only vary depending on what you consider sexy for a sex partner. In this case, you will have options of size, complexion, shape, and a lot more. Available options are the Big boobs sex dolls, The curvy sex dolls, Big booty, AI Dolls, Small Breasts, BBW, And Flat-Chested sex dolls. 

Other Reasons Why The Sales Surged

Loneliness is one of the significant causes of sex doll sales surge; however, other more attributing reasons exist. The following are also possible explanations owing to this situation.

Need To Spice Sex Life

Sex dolls spice up sexual plays between partners. It is among the many ways of exploring new intimate techniques that are more pleasurable without involving a third party. Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease, and in this case, it would be much risky if it were an anonymous person being the third party.

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Exploring Sex Dolls

Before the quarantine period, some people had this tight schedule at work. Most could not perhaps find time to look for items such as sex dolls. However, this time, they had more than enough time and opportunity to look for their most suitable models for use.

Perfecting Sexual Plays And Exercising

The quarantine period has given couples enough time to explore each other’s strengths in sex play. Those who may not have been good players, some of them have resorted to practicing platforms such as sex dolls. These machines allow you to learn the various sexual games that make you a pro.

Sex in itself is a physical exercise that keeps your body fit. For those who may have been separated by the pandemic, sex dolls have quite helped fill in the gap.

Sales Offer

The reduced sex doll prices have drawn high demand all across the world. With the unpleasant economic state prevailing due to the coronavirus pandemic, many retailers have resorted to lowering their sales prices. At least with these low rates, many people can afford them and so the reason for high sales.

These and many other related reasons so much have contributed to the surge in sex doll sales. Those who bought theirs within this period perhaps had their reasons that were of higher priority. You might as well have yours.

Is The Sex Doll Industry Meeting The High Demand

According to the report by several sex doll retailers, it is true the demand is quite high. Manufacturers, therefore, have tried their best to boost their production to meet the expectations of their clients. So far, they are managing somehow; however, the demand continues to rise, given that most people now spend most of their time at home.

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iRealDoll is of these companies that are well managing its high product demand. We are working closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the best models that meet their expectations. Despite this high pressure, our quality has not lowered any bit. Still, we have the high-end TPE and silicone sex dolls and toys that never disappoints.


Ever since, the covid-19 struck, sex dolls have played a more significant role in fulfilling the sexual desires of most. For the past couples of the month, lockdown and quarantine have been the order of the day. Couples and lovers have separated by both distance and anti-social rules of the covid-19, leaving them to the only option of sex dolls. Fortunately, it has served them well, quenching all their lustful feelings. So far, so good, no one is complaining.

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