Specifications Of A Small Sex Dolls

Small Sex Doll

If you are looking for a sexy convenient sex doll on budget, then a small sex doll type probably could be your most appropriate choice. According to our irealdoll collection, Small Sex Dolls ranges from 100cm to 140cm in height. In between, these include various subcategories involving sex dolls of varied structural designs and appearance.

Specifications Of A Small Sex Doll

Details that well define a small sex doll all relate to physical height and weight. While the height ranges between 100cm and 140cm, the average weight of these dolls is 25kg, which is pretty light. Other specifications may be of appearance. Small sex dolls also define different racial aspects like American, Japanese, and even African. The rest you can consider for perspective will depend on your perception of beauty and cuteness.

Benefits Of A Small Sex Doll

A small sex doll offers excellent benefits that may interest you. So much of these relate to their convenience in use.


Small sex dolls because of their size and weight, they are generally highly portable. The benefit attached to this is the ultimate convenience in transportation or shifting from one area to the next. Also, remember, they could easily fit in your travel bag and give you ample time in your traveling.

Handling Convenience During Sex

Lightweight sex dolls may not be stable in varied sex positions; however, there is an advantage to that as well. Handling it may be more comfortable than a lifesize type. You can move it around so quickly into positions you want.

Easy For Hiding

A small sex doll model can effectively fit under your bed if it has space or in your closet when someone bursts into your room.

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Why Small Sex Dolls Are Highly Affordable

The cheapness of small sex dolls emerges both from their small size and material type. The small size means less materials used and so, reduced production cost. About the material, it is mainly TPE that plays a more significant role here. TPE is averagely cheap compared to silicone, and that makes the dolls affordable as well.

In Summary

Small sex dolls offer you the opportunity to ride in the sexy games of mini dolls. The erotic pleasures they gibe never differs from those of lifesize designs. Still, you will be able to enjoy quality blowjob sessions, anal and vaginal sex. You can also view our other collections to know more: Small Breast Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsBlonde Sex DollMature MILF Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsTPE Sex DollsAnime Sex Dolls

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