Top 5 Most Popular Small Sex Dolls of 2021

Most Popular Small Sex Dolls

I have found that some of my clients will choose a tiny sex doll on their first try. Compared to life size sex dolls, the small sex dolls do offer some unique advantages:

Light Weight

No man would dare say that he doesn’t care about the weight of his sexual partner at all. You know, to some degree, the weight will determine the number of sexual postures you can try! When you plan to buy a realistic sex doll for your masturbation, you should know whether it’s easier to put it into position when having sex. The first thing that some of our customers says when receiving their real sex dolls is “God, so much heavier than I expected!”. Medium 165cm sex dolls can weight around 72lb (33 kg) while 100cm sex dolls only 24lb (11kg) and tiny 64cm sex dolls only 8lb (4kg).

Easy To Store And Clean

To protect your privacy and prevent your love doll from damage, you need to store (or hide) the doll in an appropriate way. (Click here to know how to store your sex dolls). Whatever method you choose, you will find that the small sex dolls are easier to store because of their mini bodies! In addition, small sex dolls are easier to clean since the area to be cleaned is small and they are easy to move. (Click to check teen erotic galleries >>)

Low Price

A bigger sex doll means more TPE or silicone materials used, so the cost is higher than a smaller one. If your budget is not high enough, a small love doll will be more suitable for you. For example, a 65 cm petite sex doll will cost you $700 while you need to pay about $1399 for a 165cm TPE sex doll. Small sex dolls are regarded as the most economical choice for people who want to have a test if the sex doll is good to use.

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Today, iRealDoll will recommend several pretty small sex dolls (best sex doll under $1000) for you.

#1.Elsa 148cm E Cup Japanese Love Doll

For those looking for a sweet, innocent little kitten that’s ready to pounce, Elsa is the right girl for you. Elsa comes with a lovely, curvy body of supple breasts and a nice butt to grab onto and squeeze all night long. She is a girl ready for fun and adventure with you. This 148cm beautiful sex doll weighs 63.3 lbs (28.7 kg). She has a 27.2 inches’ bust, 18.7 inches’ waistline, and a 29.5 inches’ hips size. Both the vaginal and anal holes are 6.3 inches and the mouth is 5.1 inches.   Are you interested in her? Take her home for only $908.00!

#2.145cm Fit Body Sex Doll With Blue Purple Wig

Japanese girl Maggie is 18 years old this year, but as you can see, her height is only 145 cm, and she looks like an 8-year-old girl. Maggie thinks her small breasts are cute and interesting, she wants to find a man who is interested in small tits. Then Shay will give her all to you. “Though I will keep my eyes closed, you can still feel my excitement from my body and groan, I trust,” Shay says. Now, do you want to take her home? You can own her for only $1500.00!

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#3.Calista 142cm C Cup Sexy Love Dolls

Calista is a cute Asian girl, she is 142 cm and just weighs 52.91 lbs (24.0 kg). Calista is a very special love doll who can fulfill all your naughty dreams. She may be petite, but she can work like a real woman! Made out of healthy TPE material, Calista has the incredible smooth skin and a tight butt. She wants to go bad and want to have sex with different men. Take her home now! Only $799.00!  

#4.Lola 142cm A Cup Petite Sex Doll

Mini TPE sex doll Laura is 142 cm tall and her weight is about 25 kg. She comes about as your ideal sex doll which is made according to your fantasies. Lola  has perfect tits, blonde hair color, long eyelashes, curvy body shape, smooth skin, and beautiful vagina. She is happy to address you every time you need sexual release. What’s more, she is a good way to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Do you love this petite girl? 

#5.Stacey 148cm S Cup Small Sex Dolls

She is looking for a strong and older man who can keep her safe and take care of her. She enjoys snuggles and cuddles, and wants to meet a man who will teach her all the things about sex.

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“I am not experienced in making love but I am an enthusiastic learner and I’m glad to do anything to please you,” Stacey says innocently. What’s more, she promises not to lose her innocence until you come and take her home. Are you ready? You can get her for only $818.00! Realistic sex dolls take up the responsibility of creating realistic sex to you the best way they can. you can always find your best. Browse for your Anime Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsSmall Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTPE Sex DollsBlonde Sex DollBBW Sex Dolls and many more.

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