Should I Buy My Sex Doll Or Visit A Sex Doll Brothel

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Which one is easier, visiting a sex doll brothel or merely buying one for personal use? Many of us struggle to make this decision. Either way, we still can meet the various sex doll we want, but why the struggle? Now the difference between these scenarios is conditionalities. Not all the fun and free one gives you is replicated to the other.

Therefore, our discussion focuses on which one between them is the best, brothel or ownership doll?

Sex Dolls Brothels

Among the most trending news on sex dolls are the issues of sex doll brothels. Silently and sometimes unlawfully, this new business in different sections of the world. Sex doll brothel often uses a variety of sex doll models for commercial purposes. Clients coming in to enjoy the services pay an hourly rate that differs depending on;

  • The model type of sex doll one selects
  • Duration: How long one uses the doll per session
  • The brothel’s nature: The high-end types will charge higher as for their enhanced services and vice versa.

Why Some Prefer Sex Doll Brothels

For those who may be wondering why brothels and not owning a sex doll, here are some critical reasons many consider.

  • No one close will easily know

Among the critical challenges affecting sex doll owners is privacy. Sex dolls and their usage still face lots of opposition from various ends. Therefore, the result of this is that owners tend to keep them hidden from family members, friends, and relatives as well. We are never sure when someone will finally realize our secret, more so if we stay with them under one roof – some members can be quite snoopy.

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Sex doll brothels are ‘secretive.’ When we visit that which is far from our locality at night especially, no one will ever smell a rat. However, still, we need to do our calculations right. Coincidences do occur; we must remain cautious regardless of anything.

  • You always meet your dream doll

A sex doll brothel has various sex doll models to accommodate the multiple tastes as well. These variations cover all sex doll types, from the high-end AI robotic type to the torsos. We can find the curvy sex dolls, the flat-chested, anime, big booty sex dolls, among many others within this reach.

NOTE: Most high-end sex dolls are majorly available in classy modern sex doll brothels. Their tag rates tend to be high, and that also goes into who can buy them.

  • Cheap in the short-term

Cheap is attractive; at least many of us would spare a second thought for it. The sex doll, in general, is pricey. The high-end lifelike models sell for prices over $3000. Torso dolls are the cheapest, however, are often pricy compared to a session at a sex doll brothel.

Why Sex Doll Brothels May Not Be The Best Option

Apart from positivity, sex doll brothels do share in their demerits as well. Here are some we should know.

Expensive in the long run: Let us do a simple calculation here. An average sex doll costs $1200. If a brothel charges $100 per session, it means only 12 sessions would have earned the same amount as the doll. When we own the doll, then the sessions become unlimited.

Not readily available: We always have to make our way to the brothels to meet the sex dolls. When we buy them, however, their presence status will always be all available. Therefore, it means we can more conveniently engage them at any moment; a morning when we wake up, through the day and night as well – no need to go somewhere.

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Risks of infection: Though this might be limited, it is never an exception. Sometimes, the brothel might not do a thorough cleaning as we would expect on the dolls. When such changes occur then, the spread of infection can be typical.

Owning A Sex Doll

Sex doll of various types is out in the market for sale. Still, for those who may want unique designs, there is always that extra and select option for either half or full-customization. Whichever the case, we can all get our most preferred sex doll types to help fully satisfy our sexual desires and ego.

Like sex doll brothels, owning a sex doll for inhouse use comes with lots of advantages and a few disadvantages. For a clear understanding of either side, let’s look at some of the merits and demerits involved in owning a sex doll and not visiting a brothel.


The following are the key reasons why owning a sex doll is much better than visiting a sex doll brothel.

  • Reach out convenience

With brothels, one has to go at least somewhere, and away from home. Se dolls at home are easy to reach when we need their services. In the morning till evening, time and again, they will always be near available.

  • No risks of infection: When sharing the doll with no one, there is always a limited chance for us to acquire infections. However, this should not deceive us; thorough cleaning of a sex doll should remain paramount – sometimes, it could be dirt gathered by the doll that brings the infection.
  • Orifices tend to retain their dimensions: A sex doll used by various people tend to loosen. In such cases, the orifices might enlarge, limiting pleasures among some users with small size manhood, for instance.
  • Resell possibilities: Not all who budget for sex dolls go for the ones. Surprisingly, there is a large market out there looking for secondhand sex doll. When the ones we have no longer meets our expectations for them, reselling always is an option – this way, we can at least earn some money back to buy a new doll.
  • Freedom of sex doll companionship: It may be impossible to use a brothel’s sex doll for outing purposes, trips and tours, however with a sex owned doll, we always can. Therefore, these dolls’ self-ownership grants us more permission to enjoy their company every day and in most places.
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These five are at least the top advantages associating with the self-ownership of a sex doll. Others may exist as well, and those include individual user perceptions.


The only disadvantage of buying a personal sex doll is all on price. Sex dolls are overly expensive, and that heightens with model complicacy. The high-end models do have better features and so share in the high rates.

From this analysis, it is clear which of these is best. Sex dolls are only best for self-ownership; otherwise, it never brings out all the fulfillment some of us may want.

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