Sex Dolls Wig Caring Guide

sex doll wigs

Sex dolls have a lot in terms of features that complement their admirable beauty – among these are the wigs. They come in different fashion designs mimicking the various hairstyle models human wear in their real life. What matters, however, with this artificial hair is how best to take care of them. Many would supposedly ask, are there any particular guidelines on this? Fortunately, plenty of them does exist. We all mostly know of cleaning and maybe set it up, but what’s the best formula for all these?

This guide is a detailed step-by-step guide into everything we need to understand about love doll wig care and maintenance. In an arc shell, we will be looking at how to do the following;

  • securely set up sex doll wig
  • Brushing the sex doll wig
  • Cleaning the wig

Above all these, we will be looking at the right places to buy the best sex doll wig. Ready to make your doll look better? Let’s tune to it, therefore.

How To Securely Set Up Your Doll’s Wig

Here we have three primary options.

Apply The Ordinary Procedures Of Setting Up A Wig:

Let us begin with this – it is the most comfortable and convenient. Al doll comes with size fitting wigs, also referred to as standard types. They are much easier to fix and securely attach to the sex doll’s head. Most doll owners will embrace this because it is fast – it only takes a few seconds to minutes. However, no limitation is usually attached to it. Still, we can explore other options that work as well.

makeup setting
makeup setting

Use Bobby Pins And Wig Cap

This option is also another easy and most straightforward one. The critical difference it has is that one must shop a few items from the women’s collections, a packet of bobby pins, and a wig cap – most women who wear wigs would be much familiar with this. None of these items costs high amounts; most shops will sell them at the most affordable rates.

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A quick way to do the set-up is as follows. Wear the wig cap on the doll’s head, ensuring it well-covers the hair area. Secondly, follow it with your wig, then begin the clipping. Four bobby pins will be enough for this process; secure the wig onto the cap on the front side and another back. The other two comes on both sides above the ear. Always ensure the wig stays in position while fixing for a presentable look and appearance.

Use A Wig Cap + Velcro

For those who would prefer frequently changing their sex doll wigs, this is the best alternative method to adapt. It resembles the previous one only that instead of bobby pins, we now use adhesive Velcro.

How to fix this is simple. Put either side of the Velcro on the wig and the cap. Next, put on the wig on the doll’s head on the wig cap. The Velcro squares will rearrange and secure fixing to hole the sex doll wig in its most appropriate section.

Keynotes To Observe On This Option

  • Do not engage any glue or adhesive solution. Either of these poses a great danger to the sex doll’s scalp, and besides that, they can mess up the skin forming stains and hence cause damages.
  • Straps and elastics can be detrimental to the doll – avoid them. Either of these can cause permanent marks or dents that may eventually spoil the doll. The fixing only requires snuggly fitting materials and not ones that are too tight.
  • We must be cautious of wig cap color. We should always consider the doll’s complexion before choosing the best wig cap. Black ones for a blonde doll tend to leave indelible dark marks, spoiling the doll’s overall beauty.  Brown complexion sometimes may accommodate the black one; however, we must always be vigilant not to have it stay there for long – it will most likely cause the darkening stains.
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How To Brush A Sex Doll Wig

Knots and tangles deprive any wig of its beauty. Brushing always does the magic. It helps remove any of these, plus it clears off any pieces of tangible dirt that may have cling to it. A sex doll must look neat; matted next for hair makes it ugly and unpleasant even for use. A long flowing hair is always the best; it gives one the sexual vibe and attraction necessary.

sex doll brush

A step-to-step procedure on how to brush a sex doll’s wig is as follows;

Remove the wig from the love doll’s head: It is much easier brushing the wig away from the doll’s head rather than when it is intact. Also, removal helps in avoiding any scratches on the doll’s skin.

Spray some water on the wig:  Damping the wig makes it easier for brushing. Ordinary barbers do this as well. We can use water spray cans for this or use our hands. Deeping it wholesomely in water may not be necessary, as it may take a lot of time drying. Besides, it can spoil its design.

Proceed with the brushing: Finally, it will be to brush the wig. Begin on the lower section it gradually, climbing up. Remove all the tangles gently and do not force any as this may cause a tear. To remove tough knots, we always should use our hands to brush through then apply the brush.

Note: We must be gentle while brushing; otherwise, we might lose lots of hair from the wig.

How To Wash A Sex Doll Wig

Washing a sex doll wig comes after the brushing, and all knots are removed. Mostly, synthetic wigs never require more frequent washing than the real type wigs; this is because they never gather more oil either. Despite that, however, they still gather dust particles, which makes them untidy and so unpleasant.

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wash sex doll wig


  1. Prepare luke-warm water and fill it in a washbasin or sink. The water level must submerge the wig and note; it must not be boiling water.
  2. Add shampoo: A small dash of shampoo will be enough for a single wash – overdoing will be inappropriate.  Mix well the solution by swooshing the water to attain a nice soapy feel.
  1. Submerge the wig: Be gentle while doing this. Vigorous mashing creates more knots.
  2. While still submerged, give it time to soak
  3. Remove the Wig
  4. Rinse it carefully under freshwater, not causing any tangles
  5. Gently squeeze the wig to remove any excess water
  6. Use a towel to pat dry it
  7. Once more, make a quick and final brush over it
  8. Hang the wig in a shady and dry environment to dry it out entirely.

There! It’s done. Our wig will have been clean and descent once more

Where To Buy Sex Doll Wigs

Sex doll wigs never last forever, even with the utter best care. Typically, they would grow old and less pretty with time while the doll remains relatively new. Therefore, most sex doll owners chose to have multiple wigs for a quick change and a fresh new look.

Some of our most recommendable shops for sex doll wigs include the following

  • Gothic Lolita Wigs
  • Buy Costumes
  • Epic Cosplay Wigs
  • Amazon Wig Section

International customers can always search for the top International Wigs near them.

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