Are Sex Dolls Dummies?

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How absurd! Why do some people up to now think sex dolls are mere dummies? No, no, no! There is a distinctive difference between these two. However, different schools of thought argue this differently. Their benchmark point is that either dummy or sex dolls each imitate the human physical structure – this is true; however, the big question remains, are they the same?

Dummies are way below the comparison levels. We see them everywhere, in the clothing stores dressed to represent actual human. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are a more advanced version of the dummies. Their design tries to imitate human beings more closely, not only structurally but also in terms of operation. However, this is a general view; let’s consider the clear difference for a better understanding and distinction.

Functionality Difference

One major distinctive factor between sex dolls and dummies is functionality. Dummies are structural representations of humans mainly used in the fashion display. Many cloth stores use them in there for this purpose and nothing else.

Sex dolls or love dolls, as other markets also refer to them, are highly purposeful structures. So much go into their designing and production to make them the sex machines we use. Unlike dummies, they feature orifices; mouth, anus, and vagina; male types feature erect dildos, highly useful to their course. The most improved models, the lifelike and the lifesize, feature lots of sexual assets that favors the entire spectrum of the carnal game – blowjobs, vaginal sex, anal fuck, name it all.

Structural Difference

The nearest major differentiating factor is structure. Sex dolls are highly advanced structures for a greater purpose. The idea behind their development was to have a sex machine, one that would offer sexual fun with no restrictions whatsoever. No humans can be so; most likely, we will get tired if not bored along the way – sex dolls do not disappoint.

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For sex dolls, that which separates them from dummy are;

  • realistic skin structure
  • an internal skeleton structure
  • Movable joints

sex doll skeleton structure

No dummy has any of these. What they are is a plastic structure designed to represent a human figure. Sometimes, they may have human-like faces displaying the eye, mouth, nose, and all that but still not as realistic as those of sex dolls. Sometimes what they do have is a stiff body, one that is either entirely black or blonde.

Sex dolls are unique in their structural view and make. Their realistic skin, either TPE or silicone, adds spice to their user experience. With flexible joints and strong supporting skeleton, sex dolls can pose in multiple sex positions to offer the best in terms of sexual enjoyment.

Sex Dolls Are Of Different Types/Models

Since dummy’s primary use is for display, they never have lots of model variation. Most of them are typical of the same body color, height, and body size. The key difference is with sex dolls. Here we are looking into a broad spectrum of selections governed by appearance and usage.

Under appearance, we have other several impressions, which include;

  • Body height: There are full-size sex dolls and the torso types
  • Racial affiliation: Here we have the Japanese kind, African-American and the American dolls
  • Body size; big, medium, and large
  • Curves:
  • typical or fantasy love dolls
  • Boobs difference
  • Butt size
  • Male or female
  • Skin type: TPE or silicone

sex doll body

The usages may be similar; however, there are always some differences when narrowing down to particular models. For instance, most torso sex dolls have two orifices; an anus and vagina; however, they can have the three, depending on which design it is.

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Public And Private Usage

Sex appears to be illegal when done in the open. This is also part of human behavioral characteristics; we never feel comfortable having sex in public – it feels embarrassing. Similar considerations work for sex doll usage as well. Most people would prefer using them behind closed dolls. Sometimes, we even hide them when we realize those surrounding us have a controversial opinion on the subject.

Recently, however, there has been a development in the sex doll public usage. Sex doll brothels are coming up, though not entirely approved by various states, and they are making real business from the services they offer. Still, in these scenarios, sex dolls are used under enclosed sections.

Now we can all notice the difference; dummies are usually for public use. Often, we will find them in front of display shops, showcasing whatever design on sale.

Price Difference

Last but not least is the price difference. How much does a dummy costs? Not so much, at least compared to any sex doll. Sex dolls, in general, do have an advanced structural make, which ultimately brings at the higher prices of between $500 to over $3000. The kind of materials and technology used in their construction always bring in the sense of specialty, let alone their prime usage.

Dummies are never this special. They feature a basic design of plastic material. Therefore, they sell much lower rates, at least not exceeding $50 depending on which dealer you buy them from.

By All Mean, Sex Dolls Can Never Be Dummies

The reasons above factually reveal the distinction between dummies and sex dolls. What we should all notice is that sex dolls are already at an advanced level. The latest production in sex dols now focuses on appearances and characteristics – they want to imitate humans by all means.

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Today, the most high-end sex dolls, the AI robotic types, are a mere insight into what is to come. They already have different human mimicking characteristics described by temperature, movement, and even sound. Such dolls are not only for sexual pleasure gains but more. Today, many buyers use them as a company to chant a few words and make lifelike movements.

However, the story is not yet ended; more and more improvements are underway to keep sex dolls better than they are. Soon we might even have those who can conceive or sire children. How possible this can be is a matter of time for us.

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