5 Key Factors Affecting Sex Doll Price

TPE Sex Doll Pricing

In a quality search for your most suitable sex doll, price is one key factor that plays a significant role in your selection. Fortunately, this does not only occur with sex dolls alone but several other items we purchase. Always, we want to go for something that matches the value of money we have to offer. Whenever money is not your problem, then other vital factors such as size, height, speed, and a lot more counts.

Nevertheless, drawing our focus on sex dolls, there are quite a several factors contributing to the price scales they offer. If you are reading this, most likely, you are interested to know why your doll costs $980, $3000, or any other. Well, this article has all the answers you seek – continue reading for full information.

Why Your Sex Dolls Probably Cost High Or Low

While the price could be relative, high, average, or low, there is a scale to separate the three. In a price scale of 1 to 10, some will be at two others at five and others ten or towards it. According to different buyers, cheap may appear expensive and vice versa. All-in-all, the following will be determining these variations.

Sex Doll Material

Is your sex doll made of TPE or silicone material? There is a quality difference between these two that significantly causes the price difference. Silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE kinds simply because of their high quality.

The following are the pros features of silicone over TPE.

                                                 Difference Between Silicone And TPE Sex Dolls

                                                                     (Silicone Is Superior)

Silicone Sex Dolls TPE Sex Dolls
1. Easy to clean. The silicone material is less porous to water TPE material is more porous to water.
2. More resistant to high temperatures Less resistant to high temperatures
3. Smooth and softer hence appear more realistic/ lifelike Only smooth and soft and has a realistic appearance
4. Scratch-resistant Scratches on the skin will show

Custom Or Not

Another potential reason why sex doll prices may vary is because of the custom and non-custom options available. Most suppliers tend to have higher prices for custom designs since the entire order calls for special attention. Among such dolls are the celebrity sex dolls. In most cases, they will require a lot more resources, including human resources, to produce a perfect molding according to your request.

Otherwise, other on-shelf sex dolls, ready for purchase, often would sell at lower rates. Do not mistake the prices for inferior quality. Equally, there are most of these which are quite efficient and are more than lovely to have.

Discounts And Promotions

If you are lucky to buy your sex doll during a promotion or discount offers, you would be quite fortunate. At this time, the prices tend to go down, and always is the best time to make your purchases. Remember, while there is any of these, prices are never similar for all models. Each one would have its price, but now at a slashed rate.

For most retailers, these discounts and promotions come at different times. One time it could be during a pandemic like that of Covid-19 or some worldly celebrations like Christmas or Aidilfitri.  Apart from these times, you can look out for when the retailer is launching their new products. Most of them will want to lower their prices for the new items at least for a while.

Retailer Price

Depending on supply rates from their source, retailers will always sell their sex dolls at quite varied prices. A lifelike BBW that sells at shop A may have a different sales price at shop B while it remains the same model.

You must also note that some retailers are in this business, entirely for money. They will, therefore, hike their prices more so, when they have a monopoly. While shopping around, the best step to make before a purchase is finding a reliable supplier with reasonable prices but quality products. Sex dolls are generally expensive, and you must mind getting row deal out of huge money you have spent.

Sex Doll Model Type

Sex dolls are of various models designed to meet the different wishes and demands of clients. A walk in a sex doll showroom will much confirm to you this. The variations available here depends on;

  • Technology: The recent most designs are the AI Robotic Sex Dolls, which sells at higher rates.
  • Size: Full-size sex dolls, in most cases, tend to sell at higher rates than the Mini Sex Dolls or torsos. The cause of this difference is the material used. The full-size designs require more materials in their production compared to the case of mini dolls.
  • Sexual capabilities: A full-size sex doll represents the whole human body from head to toe. It means, therefore, they feature all the necessary orifices; the mouth, anus, and vagina, all in their typical positions. For this reason, therefore, their prices are always higher. Torso dolls, because of their half-body designs, many of them lack all the sexual capabilities; hence they sell at much-reduced rates.

Why You Would Most Likely Prefer An Expensive Doll Over A Cheap One

As ironic as it may appear,  some people would instead go for an expensive doll rather than a cheaper one, why? Here below are possible compelling reasons.

  • Most expensive sex dolls are of high quality: Often, it is out of the useful technology, descent design, and incredible functionality that prices go up for sex dolls. It means, therefore, that expensive buying grants quality for sex dolls.
  • Self-fulfillment: Brand cautious buyers or luxury purchases, never pay attention to how much an item the want costs. For them, they are willing to spend as much as possible when they can get the best value of it.

Is Buying A Cheap Sex Doll Any Better

Cheap or expensive, the choice always remains yours. Spending much on a sell that is less of assistance or convenience to you is a waste of time and money. Cheap sex dolls like the expensive ones exist in plenty – always, you will find the best models you will be looking for. Price evaluation on any of them before purchase should depend on how much you are willing to spend.

Nonetheless, there are beneficial cheap sex dolls you can find. Our are quite reliable suppliers from where you can shop. Do not stop looking for your most suitable designs. The shops offer than you may need.

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