2021 Sex Doll Chronicles – Are Sex Dolls Replacing Human Sex Life

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What does the sex doll’s high demand trends mean for human relationships? Will they consume our sexual lives?

Recently, the issues on sex dolls have grown critical and become ‘hot topics’ all across the world. The fact is that the number of idolators is fast increasing faster than most of us think. It raises concern when they begin people offering full-fledged funeral services for love dolls. If not anything, that only indicates how much we have started personalizing them more.

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The situation in China is now a reflection of what we should expect. The number of Chinese men going for sex dolls is highly increasing, and that bears a real ‘threat’ to their women. More recent stories also have been about the massive emergence of sex dolls brothels. One of these is the controversial Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience in Clark County, Vegas. It stocked some of the most realistic sex dolls for private use by clients at an hourly rate and in private.

From these scenarios cases, it is much clear that sex dolls are now winning human hearts. The only question remains, why can’t we resist them? Let’s find out.

Primary Reasons Why People Buy Sex Dolls Today

There are several compelling reasons behind the surging number of sex doll buyers. These may vary depending on individuals and also their surrounding environment.

Authority Policies

These policies carry much potential to influence the sexual lifestyle of citizens. China, for instance, now has the one-child policy. Its existence has, so, begin giving it results. The number of people going for sex dolls is on the rise.

What they say is that adhering to the policy is quite challenging for their sexual life. Not all feel encouraged to adopt family planning methods. Sex dolls are never fertile to conceive, and so, they will be complying with the one-child policy.

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Gender Imbalance

Gender imbalance can be a crisis that leads most to pursuing sex dolls as an alternative option. Considering the case in China, the ration of men to women is at 116 to 100. Meaning, men’s population exceeds that of women.

At times competing for these rare species, becomes quite frustrating for some men. The only possible option they, so, find most reliable is the sex dolls. Luckily, the market is full of life-like sex dolls, which are never far in resemblance to humans. Whether big boobs sex dolls, blonde, teen, or any other, they always get their best models.

Unlimited Sexual Pleasure

The best way you can live a healthy sex life is by having enough sex. Most humans, even those in a sexual relationship, may not give each other the much sex one would want. Well, in a one-time session could be; but, not all the time will your partner want the play.

Adult dolls, however, offers no limitations. Any time any moment you wish to play sex, they will be ready to give you more than enough. An advantage of some of these dolls is that they are portable. When going for a business trip, you can comfortably carry them along if you wish not to cheat on your partner.

Exploring Dark Feelings

Some of us would want to go dirty in bed; practice all those only imaginable sex styles. Well, not every real human partner would be ready for any of these – not especially when they are risky. Many sexual abuse cases tend to emerge from such situations. Forcing your partner to play your game may likely hurt them. The injuries could either be physical or psychological, depending on your style.

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The very best platform you can have to explore all your darkest feeling are sex dolls. They will allow all your sexual treats and will never complain. They will ever remain your loyal servants when it comes to satisfying all your dark wishes.

Tough Economy

One more reason why many opt for sex robots today is because of the tough economy. Caring for a partner is expensive, mainly if they depend on you financially. Buying a sex doll, thus, saves your budget. All you will have to spend on is their price tag. Beyond that could be their cleaning detergent and a few highly affordable clothes.

A beautiful blonde sex doll only comes at a one-time price. Yet, it offers you absolute fulfillment to all your sexual cravings. Meanwhile, you will be saving your money and investing in other matters of your concern.

Kelly 165cm American Blonde Sex Doll

Apart from these 5, there could be more reasons on why people choose sex dolls over humans. There are plenty of sex doll types you can consider. Your choice will always depend on your sexual preferences on a partner.

Why Sex Dolls Will Never Replace Human Sexual Life

Sex dolls are on high demand, yes, and because of this, human to human sexual life is at stake. But do we have a reason to worry at all about this? Is there a possibility of them replacing our human sexual life?

The answers to all these depend on what we perceive of these dolls. Once we understand what exact purpose they exist, we may realize their essentiality. Sex dolls are never fertile and so will never give birth. That alone should mean to you that they can never replace us. But, still, there is a threat. The sex dolls technology is upgrading quickly enough. Today we have artificially intelligent sex dolls. They can maintain short conversations; thus, you never know. Tomorrow they can conceive and bear children.

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As of now, our main worry should be on the effects and impacts of their use. Many anti-sex dolls groups have laid claims against sex doll usage. One of these they say sex dolls triggers sex abuse. According to them, sex dolls user tends to test out offensive and risky plays the do on the dolls on real humans. Some of these are hurting and are never healthy at the same time.

Also, there is a risk of diverted attention. Sex can be addictive, and with that, there is a high chance of one growing feelings towards their sex dolls. The result of this could be highly detrimental to a relationship. Often one partner would feel neglected.

Final Thought

The sex dolls industry is fast-growing. Now with they ai sex dolls, the risk of losing our typical human-human sex life if even more prominent. While it is not wrong to have a sex doll, most societies still are against them. In so doing, they put in a lot of misconceptions and mistrust in their usage.

Whether you will need one or not, it all depends on what you. When you decide to have one, know that there are plenty matching your sexual preferences.

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