Sex Doll Breast Selections: Solid, Hollow, or Gel

Sex Doll Breast

Breast is one sexual feature that determines the interest of a man to a woman. One most exciting fact about breasts is that they are of various designs: the chubby ones, the flat and firm types, and a lot more varieties. Sex doll breasts are also in similar design trails. They exist of varied design types based on size and softness level.

Men and even lesbian partners tend to have defined attentiveness towards any of these designs. Their choices on them vary as well, more so depending on their carnal interests. With a keen focus on sex dolls, however, there are three major breast type options you can always choose: the standard breasts, hollow, and gel breast type.

Below is a descriptive content on these three with a clear outline both on their pros and cons.

Solid Breasts

The solid breasts refer to the firm yet perky breast types. Either TPE or Silicone material can make a better design of them, allowing chances for significant bounciness. Standard breast sex dolls are often the ideal options for those who are less picky.

Sex Doll Breast

If breast designs less concern you, then these models best suit your expectations. Despite being firm, standard breasts feel and appear realistic at the same time. A more exciting factor about them is that you may not need an upgrade on them.


  • No upgrades needed on them hence no more expenditures
  • Perky and firm


  • A little hard feel – other options are bouncier.

Hollow Breasts

As literal as the name suggest, hollow breasts refer to those types that only have an air filling – not gel nor solid TPE. These are the jiggy and squishy types of boobs that bounce and repeatedly shakes when spanked. If you like scissoring, then there is no other most suitable design than this.

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hollow breast

Hollow breasts, unlike the standard types, allows are suitable for upgrades – though at an additional cost. At irealdoll, we have all the varied options you may want in this. The only thing you need is a specified interest. That will help us give you the best boobs types you may need.


  • Very bouncy
  • Exceptionally soft and spongy


  • Upgrading from standard type requires additional cost
  • Less perky compared to other options

Gel Breasts

If you are looking for the best breast option for sex dolls, gel breasts are. These are the middle ground designs between the standard and the hollow breasts. They mimic feature characteristics of both but with moderations into perkiness, softness, and firmness.

gel breast

Most realistic sex dolls have gel breast types that unveil the highly exected level of realism. Always their upgrade is worth as that adds more to their lifelike appearances.


  • It is the most realistic option
  • Represents both firmness and perkiness


  • It is a more expensive breast option

Conclusively, making your best choices on sex doll breasts guarantees quality performances hence passion fulfillment. The different breast options offer you a chance to go-by your sexual needs. Realistic sex dolls could be expensive; however, in this regard, they are the best you may choose towards quality breast options.

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