Dorothy 171cm I Cup
Dorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I CupDorothy 171cm I Cup

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  Fitness Muscle Seires

  • Super bodybuilder type,one of the most realistic and detailed TPE doll in the market. You will be impressed if you see her! 
  • Knee, armpit, and others add a little more of perfect realistic features, without sacrificing sex doll sexiness. The neck of this adult doll body comes with a new head and neck connector. The neck will move when head moves. Enjoy this Muscular Sex Doll at a reasonable price now!

  Product Specs

Dorothy is the Dominican real doll sex, coming from the warm beaches of the Caribbean island to love every man in the world. Her breast is a weapon of mass seduction, which affects both men and women.Our Dorothy is a sex doll that has no limits and loves both women and men and who loves having sex on the beach under the stars, with the sound of the waves in the background and her hot body under you.Do you want to live this experience? Dorothy is waiting for you, from Santo Domingo just for you!

  • Height:171cm 
  • Weight: 39kg 
  • upper bust:87cm 
  • Underbust: 58cm 
  • The waist: 56cmHip:97cm 
  • Shoulder width: 37cm 
  • Arm length:56cm 
  • Foot long: 20cm 
  • Thigh length: 100cm 
  • Palm:16cm 
  • Neck: 22cm 
  • The depth of the mouth: 15cm 
  • The depth of the vagina: 18cm 
  • The depth of the anus: 15cm 
  • Carton Size: 159x42x34cm

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   Skin Color

   Eye Color

   Nipple Color


   Pubic Hair

   Standing Feet

  Practical and Sexy Sex Doll

  • Athletic Voluptuous Body Lifelike Sex Doll
  • Let the sexiest sex doll spice up your love life as much as you want. The irealdoll has the most practical collections that will turn you on fast.

  Body Gesture Adjustment

  • The head can be twisted up and down, left and right. 
  • The waist can be twisted back and forth 
  • The legs can be twisted back and forth,Human body bending method 
  • The feet can be twisted up and down 
  • The arms can be bent to complete most human movements.

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  Quality Assurance

  • Made of imported materials, double-layer silky skin 
  • Full-body TPE soft silicone 
  • Skeleton material: precious metal, service life of more than  10 years 
  • TPE: It belongs to medical silica gel. It is safe, non-toxic and harmless. It has no odor, abrasion resistance, softness and elasticity. 
The quality of the control is strictly controlled, and the poisonous materials are not detected. The data is used to confirm that the doll is very safe.

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