8 Tips For Preventing Male’s Disease

Male's Disease

Men should replenish the various trace elements that the body needs in time. It is also good for the human body to eat healthy snacks at ordinary times. It can protect the health of the prostate and effectively prevent prostatitis and other diseases. Everyone should try to drink water frequently. The habit of drinking water regularly can reduce the burden on the intestines and gastrointestinal tract and play a role in detoxification. How can men have a healthy body? Eight tips for preventing physical health disease.

1.Men Need Healthy Snacks With Zinc

Snacks are not a woman’s patent, nor are they synonymous with unhealthy. Men eat a proper point of healthy snacks, be encouraged, such as zinc nuts such as white melon seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc., they are rich in zinc and can improve male prostate resistance to infection. Also, “apple therapy” has become a magic formula for treating chronic prostatitis because apples contain many vitamin C and other nutrients. The content of zinc is also high.

2.Drink More Water

The wisdom of health preservation is to drink plenty of water and know how to drink water, but men don’t! They either excuse being busy or have poor memory. In fact, many diseases that men are susceptible to, such as prostatitis and chronic nephritis, are related to insufficient water intake. It is essential to ensure that he has 6-8 glasses of water a day. Please prepare a glass of warm water for him every morning before getting up. Pass a glass of white water every time you eat and between meals. When you are busy with work, remember to send a text message to remind him.

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3.Male Physical Examination

His health management is a more important financial issue than family property management. From the age of 30, no matter how busy he is, he must be urged to visit a doctor once a year. Of course, we must develop an “exclusive medical examination package” for him. You can talk to the doctor with him before the physical examination, such as whether his parents have diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc., combined with the nature of his job, diet and recent discomfort, etc., ask the doctor for him Develop a most valuable medical examination.

4.Be Wary Of Androgen Deficiency

Women do everything possible to protect estrogen, and men’s protection of androgens is also a top priority! According to a survey conducted by the Peking University Andrology Center, half of the men over 40 have androgen deficiency. Once androgen deficiency, it is easy to cause sexual dysfunction, depression, physical decline, and it is easy to be attacked by cardiovascular diseases. Although men’s testosterone will drop by 1% to 2% every year after 30, bad lifestyles such as smoking, drinking, gaining weight, staying up late, and huge stress are the culprits.

5.The Stomach Is His Weakest Part

If your man is the most popular “social man” nowadays, then irregular eating, overeating, drinking, smoking, and other vices are inevitable.According to statistics, it’s easy to make him the admiration of the stomach, the incidence of gastric cancer in men women 2 or more times. Besides, stress and bad emotions are also dangerous molecules that induce stomach problems. Prevention should start with the details of life:

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Reduce eating out: The occurrence of various stomach diseases and gastric cancer is closely related to Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection, and HP can be transmitted through tableware and food. Men who eat out frequently are naturally at greater risk.

Limit the amount of alcohol: The limit value of moderate drinking for adults recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society is that the amount of alcohol consumed by adult men a day does not exceed 25 grams, which is equivalent to 750ml of beer or 250m1 of wine or 75 grams of white wine at 38 ℃.

HP test ( Helicobacter pylori test ): If you don’t need a gastroscope, for the time being, do an HP test ( carbon thirteen exhalation method ). It’s straightforward. You can do it between exhalation and inhalation.

6.Don’t Ignore The Purring By The Pillow

Studies have shown that patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. When a person sleeps at night, breathing stops for more than 10 seconds is considered apnea. The typical symptom is loud snoring.

The scary thing is that many men don’t even know that they have this problem. Apnea will increase blood pressure and induce heart disease and stroke because no breathing means that no oxygen enters the body, putting great pressure on the heart. If you are often pillow grunt awakened suggested he go to the hospital’s respiratory department consult a doctor.

7.Enjoy Healthy And Safe Sex

A British study found that the mortality rate of men who had less than one sex a month was more than twice that of those who had sex at least twice a week. To enjoy sex, you must first do your sex homework, such as regular swimming, making his sexual vitality 5 years younger.

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Also, men’s underwear is important; 100% cotton light-colored underwear is his best choice. Secondly, in addition to regular cleaning of the “special zone” for men, they must also develop the habit of self-examination like women. Because no one can pay attention to the subtle changes in the body earlier than himself.

Eat More Cruciferous Vegetables

Liver cancer is the first of the top ten cancers in men, but it often has no typical symptoms, so it is easy to be ignored and can only rely on screening. Therefore, he must be regularly checked for liver function and abdominal B -ultrasound; it is not a good thing to be blessed. Like looking for men with a big belly, the fatty liver will evolve into liver cirrhosis-liver cancer, so please be optimistic about his waist size.

How do men have a healthy body? Eight strokes physical health disease prevention, men, want better health, we must have good health good habits, can play a role in disease prevention, and can well promote the body’s metabolism, try to do the protection work of the liver, Eating some cruciferous vegetables is good for liver health.

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