The 5 Biggest Plus Size Sex Doll

Plus Size Sex Doll

If you thought the most exciting sexual experience is only with the mid/ slender-bodied sex dolls, wait until you engage a BBW type. Here the experience is entirely different but enticing. All the chubbiness, shakiness, and sponginess you always want to feel are here. A plus-size sex doll is one most typical yet highly fulfilling sex doll model you may need if you prefer big-bodied sexual partners. Definitively, a plus-size sex doll refers to a sex doll type with a relatively large body size. Other markets may have different namings for it, such as a BBW sex doll, Fat sex doll, or Chubby sex doll. Like the other sex doll types, they also feature sub-category models such as the big boobs BBW sex doll, for example, the big ass, blonde, and ebony, among many others. This page concentrates on all the facts and features associated with a plus-size sex doll. Further, it also suggests the top model types that may interest you.

How Much Does A Plus Size Sex Doll Weigh

Weight is one major factor you may want to consider when choosing any plus-size sex doll model. You would probably want a doll you can carry and manipulate into a different position. Or still, a doll that is heavy enough and can stay stable in one spot. Whichever you prefer, the fact remains, a plus-size sex doll would always weigh much higher than standard models. But how much is this weight? A life-size plus size sex doll average weight is 80 pounds. The most weighty goes up to about 123 pounds while the lightest 60 pounds. Your preferences, in this case, therefore, will play a more significant role in your selections.

Why A Plus Size Sex Doll Is The Best Sex Doll Model You Need

Every sex doll model comes with its unique design features granting them interest among many buyers. For plus size sex dolls, here are some of the key reasons why they are the most suitable models that may be of your interest.

Satisfaction From The Chubby Body – Lots Of Cushioning

It is in the interest of many plus-size lovers to experience the chubbiness of a female body during any sexual interactions. They always feel fantasy fulfillment when they massage and bounce on plus-size bodies. It is one enticing experience of its kind that they never want to resist.


If you need to perfect your sexual skill towards big size women, plus-size sex dolls offer you more than the opportunity to do so. What you need is to pick the sex doll model resembling your real sex partner, the big boobs type, big ass, or any other.

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At your own time, you can do little rehearsal on different sex styles and positions you may want to practice of your real partner. If you are consistent enough, then soon you will be the pro you intend.

Stability During Sex – Heavyweight

Plus size sex dolls are generally weighty, and that makes them more stable in their positions. They, therefore, become more reliable in specific sexual engagement styles – you may not need to spend a lot of energy to hold them in the process.

Plus-Size Women Are Curvy And Sexually Attractive

Like most real BBW are curvy, so are the doll. They mostly feature huge healthy boobs and sexy curves that define their feminine body. All these are quite attractive and endorses a lot of sexual satisfaction for their partners.

The Best Big Body Sex Dolls Collection On Sale

The sex dolls industry is fast upgrading its models. If you are looking for the best available models, then it is within these latest designs that you should base your focus. The following are not only the most selling but the high-end models you may want within the plus-size selection. Read through to find the essential details you need to know.

Realistic Plus-Size Sex Doll

Realism is the latest trend in the sex doll industry. Many, if not all, manufacturers are now drawing their full focus on it to ensure they meet the recent demand trends. Realistic plus size sex dolls are now available in plenty. Whichever your design preferences are, you can never miss your best type. These dolls feature soft and smooth skin, life-size height, complexion, and even facial look.

Cheap Plus-Size Sex Doll

Cheapness attracts lots of buyers. However, within the sex doll industry, cheap rather mean affordable, which remains a sales’ magnet.’ There are several plus-size sex doll models branded cheap. Among these include the TPE design, the mini types, and even the torsos. If you are shopping with a limited budget, these can be your best options to consider. Equally, they offer varied remarkable sexual experiences with only a slight difference from the high-end models.

AI Robotic Plus-Size Sex Dolls

Beyond realism, the very high-end plus-size models come with added robotic features, which further advances their realistic appearances. Among these are temperature and sound technology, movement, and senses.

5 Best Plus Size Sex Doll With Features You Like Most

A quick suggestion on the list of the top BBW sex dolls includes the following.

Dorothy 171cm I Cup chubby sex doll

Do you like big plus size big boobs Caribbean women? Well, there is no better choice than Dorothy. A realistic full-size sex doll with the carnal experience you need. She has the big round butt you have always wanted, soft and smooth skin and blonde complexion. Summer is her best weather; she will keep you company on the beaches and in bed – anytime.

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Rebekah 176cm L Cup full-size sex dolls

Have you met the queen of bikinis yet? Rebekah, what she prefers most, is walking nearly naked to give you easy access to what she has. The TPE lifesize doll is one of the pleasurable sex dolls bearing realistic features on-trend. Her passion is sex, and she plays it more professionally.

Melissa 172cm sexy sex doll

You cannot be any luckier to find Valerie, the anime sex doll queen. Her big pointing boobs and sexy round ass drive men crazy. She always has the eyes you have been looking for, the sexy long legs and pretty smooth skin you can never resist. Her entire glow will keep your nethers unsettled for a while if you take a glance at her beautiful body figure.

Rebecca 172cm Q Cup Big boobs Sex doll

Rebecca is a Japanese maiden designed to bring you ultimate sexual pleasure at your comfort. The well-articulated TPE doll is one BBW realistic model featuring soft, big boobs and pretty face. Rebecca plays all sex types, oral, vaginal, and anal.

Olive 172cm Full-Size Sex Dolls

Olive is another BBW sexual goddess who has a natural appetite for unlimited sex. Her realistic appearance conveniently makes her the beautiful, smooth, and sexy partner you want. She remains one of the best actors for blowjobs, anal, and vaginal sex.

Pros And Cons Of Chubby Sex Dolls

All sex dolls feature both positive and negative sides, which are essential to know as a buyer. The plus-size models also have got some. Pros

  • Great cushioning – no protruding bones
  • Stable in varied sexual positions
  • They are available in varied sub-models: big boobs, blonde, ebony, round ass, and many others
  • Fulfills sexual fantasies for big size women
  • plus-size models are mostly curvy hence sexually attractive
  • Available in realistic designs


  • Heavy and difficult to manipulate in varied sex positions
  • High-end models are expensive
  • Cumbersome to transport
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How Much Is The BBW Sex Doll, And Where Can I Find The Best One

The BBW sex dolls are everywhere in sex doll shops, local or online. What matters most is the quality and reliability of the product and supplier, respectively.  69realdoll is one both local and online shop where you can find the best chubby sex doll you want. Our major focus dwells on quality and not sales. We have health approved products you can use with no worries. Our rates remain fair and reasonable for every model you pick. For those who need customized dolls, the chance is all available. We will ensure you get your doll within our delivery period of 15-business days from the requested date.

How Can I Effectively Enjoy Sex With My Plus-Size Sex Doll

Are you wondering how best you can enjoy erotic moments with your plus size sex doll? Do not worry; plenty of helpful tips are available; however, you can begin with the following.

Choosing The Best Sex Positions

Sex styles and positions preferences differ quite a lot, among many. One most determining factor on the best we use is the convenience of use on our sexual partners. Doggy style, for instance, would work well for BBW partner. Others that may be highly convenient are lovers’ Snake, Sexy Spoons, lovers Embrace, among others.

Playing Erotic Games

You can caress, kiss, touch, or hold your plus size sex doll for sexual provocation. If you have the high-end models, they will begin warming and probably moaning – they will be setting you further in the sexual mood.

Spank Her

Spanking her chubby sexy ass feels great. You can always do this as often as you may prefer to entice your sexual experiences with her. Other than these three, you can also consider transvestism and other more as a way to satisfy your sexual ego.


Always a better sex doll is that meeting your sexual desires/ preferences. BBW or plus size sex dolls fill in a crucial void for those who cannot resist big beautiful women. Now with the varied sub-models available, the lust for sex with a chubby woman is on its fulfillment edge. Our is here to better your sexual life and lifestyle. Our collection composes of the latest sex doll models coming with the features that advance sexual experience. You can look ou for more of what we have: Japanese Sex DollsBlonde Sex DollCelebrity Sex DollsFlat Chested Sex DollBBW Sex DollsAmerican Sex DollsBig Booty Sex DollsAI Robot Sex DollBlack Sex Doll

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