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Sex doll FAQs

Sex doll FAQs

Q:What materials are your dolls made of?

A:All the lifesize realistic sex dolls exist in the market are made of TPE and silicone. Irealdoll has both of them here.

Q:Do sex dolls have any toxic materials or chemicals?

A:No. We examine all the sex dolls before we sell them on our store. All the sex dolls you see here obtain all the required certificates, reports, FDA and prove they are safe for use.

Q:How to order a love doll?

A:It’s easier than you can imagine.

  1. On each doll’s page, scroll down to choose the specifications you like, click “Add to Cart”
  2. Click the “Cart” at the top right corner.
  3. On the Shopping Bag page, you will see the doll you have chosen with the specifications.
  4. Click “Proceed to Checkout” to proceed.
  5. On the Checkout page, fill in the recipient’s name, contact number and shipping address (billing address as well if it’s different).
  6. Finally, enter your credit card details on the same page or choose to pay with PayPal.
  7. You will receive an order confirmation email. Please check your junk or spam mail if it’s not in the Inbox.

Q:I don't want anyone to know that I purchased a doll

A:We use a plain brown box to pack the doll without any text or mark. No one knows what’s inside except you!

We have shipped over hundreds of dolls, we know how to take care of your privacy.








Q:How to deal with the wrinkles on my doll?

A:Put a towel on the doll’s skin, use a hairdryer to blow on it. It will recover after. 6Ye dolls have the best skin and their dolls will barely get any wrinkles.



Step 1 - Determine Your Band Size

1.Measure around the torso just under the breasts. Make sure the measuring tape is very snug and level around the body.
2.Round the measurement to the next highest whole number.
3.If the number is even + 4", if the number is odd + 5".





Even Measurement Example:

  • Torso circumference measurement right below breasts = 25.98"
  • Round Up: = 26" + 4" = 30"
  • The Band Size is 30

Odd Measurement Example:

  • Torso circumference measurement right below breasts = 26.77"
  • Round Up: = 27" + 5" = 32"
  • The Band Size is 32



Step 2 - Get Bust Measurement
1.Wrap tape measurement loosely around the fullest part of the bust (at nipple level).
2.Round to up to the next highest whole number.



Step 3 - Determine Cup Size

Subtract the band size from the bust measurement and refer to the chart.


  • Bust measurement 33" - Band size 30" = 3"
  • Difference of 3" = C cup

      Bra Size is a 30C