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Right now, one industry we can easily predict in future sales is the sex dolls. 2021 as many says, has been a lucrative year for the sex doll industry. This fact is evident from the sales statistics analyzed this year by the producers and suppliers of these products. In unison, they both acknowledged to have recorded a sales surge mainly during the quarantine period; perhaps this was the reason. From such depictions, therefore, it indicates that the potential of sex dolls can go even further. As expected, sex doll production went down in 2021 majorly because of the virus; however, it still never went to complete zero. New designs were still coming in, replacing the old with newly advanced operative features. This article is both a guide and a directive into these 2021’s top sex doll models with the most effective performance. The best that matches our feature preferences should always be our first consideration in any purchase accorded this year.

Tammy 163cm H Cup Fat/BBW Sex Doll

Finally, the perfect BBW sex doll is here. Tammy, a TPE high-end design, is an ideal love partner to have next to your bed. Like a trained professional, she plays sex with great gratitude to her companion. She likes most by surrendering her irresistible sexual assets to give her partner all the psych to orgasm in seconds. For being a full-size type sex doll, her sexual capabilities cover all the orifices; anus, mouth, and vagina. Tammy weighs 50kgs, an ideal weight that keeps her stable in varied sex positions and styles you engage her. Her internal part is always a steel skeleton that features highly flexible joints, causing her effective operations.

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Sarah 157cm AA Cup Real Love Doll

Now, to those who crave for petite size, here is a glorified recommendation. Sara features a significant amount of curvy structure with highly-proportionate butts and boobs. She is a ‘bad’ girl who likes exposing her lovely body to any potential guy who prefers her size. Sara, like most high-end sex dolls, features a metal skeleton and flexible joints for better performance. Most importantly, for her purpose, she comes with ultra-realistic sexual orifices that grant almost perfect pleasure. A suitable lube and orgasm triggering styles will fill in to make it 100%.

Christine 167cm I Cup Sexy Robot Sex Doll

Christine is a little different from Sarah and Tammy. She is a high-tech model featuring highly sophisticated operation features. She is a robot; she acts exactly like it. Better than the rest of these dolls, she can precisely talk and move. Christine is a warm machine to enhance her realistic nature – her body heats up to considerable temperatures when aroused. Generally, Christine is a big boobs sex doll with a pretty looking face and a curvy figure. Owing to Christine’s innovative features, her budget is always higher.  However still worth overly counts.

Nina 157cm AA Cup TPE Dolls

Looking for a curvy mid-size sex partner? Nina is an exceptional choice to stand with. Her figure 8 shows clearly under her all-showing dress codes. The doll features a fine-textured skin and a reasonably brown complexion. The TPE doll understands her purpose well – she accommodates all sex play that gives you the ultimate orgasm. Though significantly light, Nina weighs enough to keep her stable in most sexual positions thrown at her. Right from the box, Nina is always ready to use the item for any user. She will offer you enough of vaginal, oral and anal sex games. Like other sex dolls best in 2020, she comes with a considerable price highly affordable to most.

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Rae 163cm I Cup Chubby Sex Doll

Reference to Rae as an ultimate beauty is under description. The doll bears exceptional exquisite nature leading to its high admirable by various buyers. Her assets are ever proportionate to her curvy body. Rae claims great flexibility from her highly effective joints. She can position in multiple positions offering varied sex styles. Her chubby nature contributes to the adamant stability she has. The beautiful TPE is highly customizable for those who may need to make her look better.

Mariana 161cm K Cup BBW Sex Doll

This girl, Mariana, is a crucial definition of a sex addict. She is the type who wants masculine men who can give her the ultimate pleasure games she likes. In rewards to that, she always carries the prime sexual features that inspire orgasms in a fraction of minutes. In the representation of the BBW sex doll types, Mariana features big breasts and butts that draw quiet attention. Not every man would prefer these, but there are a lot more others craving for such. Anyone looking for the fantastic Marina, you can always check-in while the stock lasts.

What Is So Unique With 2021 Dolls

Sex doll designers are never at rest – always, they try to make improvements basing on the earlier ideas they had. 2021 was yet another year for new developments. Many designs on these came up – looking at the currently available sex doll, there are those latest designs with the most advanced features for enhanced performance. The primary uniqueness with 2020 sex dolls is all about design and so performance nature. High-end sex doll models always grant better results in their operations than the rest. When making our selections, therefore, our focus must always prevail on these highly functioning dolls. Realistic sex dolls take up the responsibility of creating realistic sex to you the best way they can. you can always find your best. Browse for your Anime Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTPE Sex DollsBlonde Sex DollBBW Sex Dolls

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