4 Mistakes To Avoid When You Choose Your Sex Doll

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Are you soon planning to buy a sex doll? Note that there are lots of mistakes you would probably make as an amateur in this. This page is both a guide and a caution into the selection of your most efficient and reliable sex doll model.

1. Avoid Extra Heavy Sex Dolls

Having read some of the advantages of massive sex dolls, you may be tempted to buy such. However, it remembers that you will need to move or shift your doll from one position to the next. How about when it is too heavy surpassing your physical capabilities, will it be any convenient? What you need is such a doll you can easily carry, or effectively move without lots of muscle strain.

The tallest sex doll, the plus sizes, measures about 172cm in height and weighs as much as 41kg. With consideration of the dimensions, these models are quite heavy. You can never handle them quickly when hiding, transporting, or using unless you have the muscle needed. It’s, therefore, all worth it to settle on a model you can manage its weight capacity.

2. Replaceable Or Fixed Vagina

The nature size of a sex doll quite illustrates the kind of vagina you need to choose. An example is if you have a life-size heavy sex doll, then most likely, you will need it to have a replaceable/ removable vagina type. The reason for this is that moving a heavy doll and from the bathing room could be quite cumbersome. The quickest way to get it cleaned is to remove its vagina, wash it, and replace it.

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Alternatively, for a lightweight sex doll model, always the fixed vagina is best as far as cleaning is concerned.  You can quickly move these dolls to the bathing room with no many hustles.

As much as a replaceable vagina is equally valid, many users tend to doubt its performance. The thing, however, is either replaceable or fixed; all these vagina types are operative. Their material is always similar to TPE or Silicone and so their outward appearances.

Tip: Replaceable vagina best fit the use of a heavy sex doll while fixed the lightweight models. However, if weight is not your problem, then you can choose any based on your preferences.

3. Standing Or Not, Which Is Your Best Sex Doll Choice

Sex dolls cannot stand on their own like a human unless supported. In their production, however, there are these two options available. Sex dolls cannot stand completely, and those that have bolts on their feet and can stand. In some cases, the standing dolls do have a protruding extension of their skeleton through their heel to reach ground support.

The choice between these two will depend on what you prefer, the sex positions you like, and the purchase price you are willing to spend. The additional standing feature comes at a cost, and you should keep that in mind.

Sex doll models with feet that cannot stand are the typical ones you will find around. If you do not need to store or use your doll in a standing position, then they could be your better alternatives.

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NOTE: For a standing doll with bolts at its feel, you should, therefore, not soak it in water; otherwise, the knobs will attain rust.

Also, on heating, you should avoid bathing or at least be very cautious in bathing a sex doll with an internal heating system.

4. Actual Dolls Are Not 100% As They Appear On Display Pictures

Do not expect that they doll you order from an online platform would look the same as those in the display pictures. Obviously, before the seller, takes the photo, they ensure the doll dresses well, through makeups and clothes. Also, the camera type they use is of high quality featuring lots of filters to produce the perfect images you see. Many times, PhotoShop strategies play a significant part in this. All this is to ensure the dolls look more attractive that you would want to have them.

Realistic sex dolls take up the responsibility of creating realistic sex to you the best way they can. Lots of sex doll types belong under this category and you can always find your best. Browse for your Small Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTPE Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsBlonde Sex Doll and many more.

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