Is Sex With Sex Doll Addictive

Sex With Sex Doll

The controversy issues within the sex dolls usage can be quite puzzling. Today, in this article, let us spare a moment to think about this, are sex dolls addictive? The truth is, most of us wonder what the feeling is about sexual engagement with love dolls; does it all feel the same as humans, worse or better? From a personal opinion, I would say that depend on the user whether they like it or not.

So far, some of us, sex doll fanatics have become idollators. What we enjoy most is sex with sex dolls and not humans. A lot of reasons could tie up on this, addiction included which now forms the core principle of our discussion here.

Several research texts reliably confirm the one effect of sex which is addiction. Scientifically, sex is said to be a happy emotional trigger. It is one activity that draws in us lots of both emotional and physical fulfilments necessary for our survival as sexual beings. Science further explains it is one great source of brain reward and acts more like the typical cognitive substances people use. We all have seen how alcohol addicts behave. They never relent trying to find the best liquors that give them the ‘life’ they need. It is all more of irresistible inner compulsion that they face.

On a quiet interview with one of sex dolls’ top manufacturing company officials, Peter about why sex dolls are addictive, here is what he had to spell out.

Sex Dolls Resemble The Physical Look Of Humans

In his steady responses, this was his first point. Commenting on this he said, “We are now past the olden days of inflatable dolls and those made from torn old clothes. Much of our focus now is dolls with great human-like appearance. What we design lately are most-realistic sex dolls with lifelike appearance. They feature mouth with a hint of smile, eyes which look like they have a soul in them and the soft skin type with the wobble extent any client would want.”

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Adding to his comments, he said, “Our Company has put its focus on personalizing dolls. We want our clients to feel our dolls not just admire their outward appearance. Momentarily, we are promoting more research on our latest AI robotic sex dolls. In future, these will be the icon of the sex doll industry. They are more human mimicking right from physical appearance to functionality. You can imagine a doll that moans ha-ha!” hilariously, he said.

The close human resemblance by sex doll is one fact that promotes addition to sex dolls. With time, sex dolls users tend to gather the same human feelings towards these machines, which can exceed limits as well. This is one key reason why we have idollators today – they never want to separate from their busty love dolls.

Sex With A Sex Doll Is Unlimited And Convenient

By laying prove on scientific facts, sex generally is quite addictive. Now the problem with human sex is the limitation. Not all partners we have loves sex, and even those who do can never provide it in an unlimited fashion. Sex dolls play their part well in this. From them, we can have limitless access to extreme sexual pleasures.

According to Peter, “sex dolls are the most reliable when it comes to sex provision – they never complain” he said. “The dolls imitate the functions of a machine which they are; they can perform longer and more effectively over time.”

More sex essentially suites those who suffer acute mental distresses. Health experts have confirmed sex as one of the definitive therapies for these conditions. People suffering from anxiety and stress can always practice a lot of sex which now sex dolls can conveniently provide.

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A Custom Option Gives Us The Sex Partners We Want

Sex is emotional and builds mostly on what we see in front of us. A ‘hot’ sex partner will always awake our sexual cravings making us horny; however, the main problem comes in finding them. We, for example, crash on celebs whom we can never get through let alone running into them in the streets. However, since our interest never fades, we can never stop loving and crashing on them.

Sex doll makers who understand the existence of this concern now has the best alternative solutions. Through their available custom sex doll, one can find the celeb sex partner they want. The manufactures, in this case, will only ask us for photos of these individuals.

A quick way on this custom option is to use an on-rack sex doll. These are the so-called ready-made sex dolls. With them you can change the following;

  • Breast type
  • Feet type
  • Eyes colour
  • Skin colour
  • Wig type

Note that, in most cases, customization orders take longer than the rest; however, not too long to wait – could be not more than 15 days.

Sex Dolls Are More Comfortable To Approach

For us to understand this better, let’s thinks of a sex amateur. Given a sex doll and human being, who would they fear most indulging in sex with? Humans most probably, but why? We all emotional beings and bonding between and among us always go with that. A sex doll will be relatively easy to ask for sex. They never expect intense emotional care to submit to our requests.

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Many who now feel addicted to sex dolls tend to enjoy more of this the easy submission part. It makes sense, therefore to say sex with sex dolls is much more addictive – no need to struggle in getting it.

Intense Sex Addition Only Comes With A Proper Sex Doll In Use

Let’s us not expect that sweet and addictive sex from any doll type. Indeed there are quite a several models in the current market; however, the best ones always grant the most mesmerizing canal moments we need. A comprehensive sex doll collection comes with a variety of model separated by looks, appearance and functionality.

Before making purchases on any of these options, always we much ensure quality and more so we respect our sexual interests. It is only from quality suppliers that we can find these quality models. Do quality research before making any step on this.

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