How To Identify Low-Quality Sex Doll

Identify Sex Doll

The task of finding an original sex doll, one that would serve us exceptionally well and long enough, is never any cheap. How many sex dolls ads do we come across daily in social media, engine searches, and even showroom? Quite a lot, right? Well, however much pretty they may look, this is never a guarantee of their quality performance.

Sex dolls overly tend to be pricy. Therefore, we do not want to waste lots of our time, and every effort on faulty brands and designs is only meant to spoil the market. Now, how then do we identify these low-quality sex dolls? Here are some quick guidelines for this identification.

Low-Quality Sex Dolls Feature Low Quality Make Material

A material consideration is one of the critical factors to consider when choosing a sex doll. The transition so far is quite clear. The first sex doll came in in the 16th century; at the time, there was only the cloth-made model. Soon after, there were those made from a nylon – these were the inflatable models. None of these was long-lasting, let alone being highly purposeful.

Today, the gears have shifted. New inventions have come in, and TPE and silicone are now the most useful materials on this course. Despite having their differences, these two quite share a lot of property similarity in terms of material. Some of these include the following;

  • Softness and smoothness: Both TPE and silicone material are soft and smooth on the touch. These two elements remain quite essential as far as realism is concerned. The latest sex dolls, perceived to be the most realistic, can always wobble or stretch just like the human skin.
  • Resistance to scratch and dents: Neither TPE nor Silicone suffers dents or minor scratches. Just like a typical skin, the force causing dents or scratches must always be tough to influence any of these. The bottom line here is that we should always take care of our dolls; keep them away from any destructive elements.
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Low-Quality Sex Dolls Are Hypoallergic

TPE or silicone sex dolls come with a medical-grade ‘skin’ usable by all. The dolls are entirely free of allergic reactions and, therefore, no chance of frustrations while using them. Whatever should concern us is the type of lube we use on them. We should always go for that which possess no allergic reaction on us and can never cause any damage to the doll.

Most cases reveal that neither TPE nor silicone is allergic, at least not that much. Therefore, the idea is always to conduct a trial on either of these materials to be sure. Today, we have lots of sex doll brothels we can use for this course. They often have varieties of both silicone and TPE sex dolls; otherwise, by all means, the manufacturers always ensure their dolls are beneficial, not discomfort bringers.


None of these materials, TPE or silicon, smells bad unless we stop properly cleaning and keeping them dry. A terrible smell can be quite repellant. Therefore, it is most recommended that after use, we must clean our sex dolls properly and ensure they are dry before storage.

Cleaning a sex doll does not require any rocket science knowledge. The requirements, to begin with, are typically available in most stores. What we need is usually warm water, cleaning detergents, and a drying towel.

Note: When cleaning a doll, we must always focus on internally hidden sections such as the orifices. A deep scrubbing washing tool will reach the inside and do quality cleaning. Disinfectant detergent always remains key in this procedure. They help disinfect and help clear off any pathogen from the doll.

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Low-quality sex doll does have a problem of bad smells despite such thorough cleaning. In most cases, they hide dirt and other pathogens deeply inside them, not to be reached by most scribes. Another way is when water accesses the interior sections of the doll. Such can cause bad smells, mostly when the water remains there long. Rust and other decomposition can highly occur in such an environment, thus causing a bad smell.

Less Trained Manufacturers Produce Low-Quality Dolls

Brand name counts a lot when it comes to selecting top-quality sex dolls. So far, most investors have realized the super sales in the sex doll industry, which has somehow triggered them. The problem is not venturing into the business, but what is the quality of their production?

Best sex dolls come from top-class manufacturers. There are already best brands known, and here is where we should base our searches. Most of these suppliers will focus not only on appearance and functionality as well.

So how do we identify these top brands?

  • Through Referrals

We can ask those who own different sex dolls already about the best sellers to buy from. Apart from reference, such people can provide us with more info on particular best models we are looking for.

  • Review research

Almost all sex doll suppliers brand themselves as ‘best sellers, ‘ which is quite misleading. Review research on a particular shop is sometimes the best way to conduct this search. After selecting the top options, we should always dig deep into finding out what others also say about the sellers

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Top-rated stores tend to sell high-quality products, and this implies to sex doll market as well. A 4-star rated sex doll shop onwards often is the best. Here there is always a quality guarantee.

Low-Quality Sex Dolls Are Cheaper

Not all sex doll suppliers are reliable; some are quite a scam. The cheapness of a product often means two things;

  • Maybe the material used is of cheap quality or
  • The material used is less compared to the rest

In sex dolls, cheapness would also mean scam. What this means is that the price of a TPE sex doll or precise nature cannot measure precisely that of a silicon model. The difference here is the material. TPE sex dolls are often cheaper basing on their relatively low-quality nature.

Remark: Best or most reliable sex dolls come from top suppliers. The best brand sex dolls will always offer more, including a warranty.

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