How To Dispose Of A Sex Doll

Dispose Of A Sex Doll

There are lots of instances to which many of us might think of doing away with our lovely sex dolls. The most common of these is damage. Of course, we should never expect our sex dolls to last forever, not even with uttermost care. Sex Dolls, either silicone or TPE or amalgamation of both, still are vulnerable to various conditions, which might render them useless or unworthy. Among these may include lousy odor and scratches, breakages, etc.; apart from damage, there are other reasons why most of us will want to do away with their love dolls.

  • Your love partners do not want them
  • Buying and not wanting it again
  • Broken private parts
  • Her orifices become gigantic
  • You bought a new one

These are several other reasons why one may no longer need their doll and want to dispose of it. However, the primary concern that involves a sex doll’s disposal is how we should do it. Should we treat them like other house liters? No!

For many reasons, more so of environmental concern, we should never ditch our sex dolls like any other house garbage; however, instead, use the following approved disposal methods/ techniques.


Believe it or not, there is a great market out there looking for used sex doll either on auction or resell mode. The significant advantage with used sex dolls is the price – they typically sell at lower rates, including the most high-end models. Instead of throwing away a reusable sex doll, most people would opt to sell it to those who may be interested. Fortunately, there are lots of live forums for such. The most common one is

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The site has lots of sellers as well as buyers. Here, we can find old to new sex dolls. Some people buy sex dolls and never use them; others will also use them but maybe once or twice. Such dolls are usually the best; however, for those who may not still meet their budget, there are the cheapest ones, those that have been in use for the past one, two, or more years.

If we are selling our sex dolls, therefore, a few factors we always have to put under consideration are the following;

  • Quote reasonable prices: This should base on the extent of wear and tear
  • We must fully describe the doll, its status, and model type
  • Quality photos, especially for the orifices, are essential

These will help us have a smooth selling experience.

Recycle Or Trash The Doll

The next suggestible option for disposing of sex dolls is by trashing or recycling. Trashing is never the best, though. Remember, sex dolls do never decompose, like any other house liter; we must always be cautious about handling it. In some cases, it can raise a legal issue when someone notices the doll in the bin. Realistic sex dolls appear more like humans; someone can easily confuse them, and if they are in the wrong hands, we might find ourselves trending on the news and social media platforms.

Recycling is always the best. The best way to do it is by contacting sex doll factories and asking them for disposal services. Some may offer it free, while others may charge some little amount. Otherwise, another option for recycling will be trashing the doll in a recycling can in the neighborhood.

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Gift Someone

Generosity can also extend into giving out. Sex dolls are the perfect gift we can give to people we love. When we just bought a sex doll and felt like not using it, giving it to someone can be an excellent generosity act.

As we know, Gifts should never be old, less helpful staff – that would be much appreciated in many cases. For sex dolls, always w should gift those who are still operational. A quick checklist to work on should involve

  • Confirming if all parts are intact
  • Checking and repairing any damages, scratches, and dents
  • The wig must be in its proper state, well-brushed

When doing this, we must always ensure we clean them properly before and park them nicely. A better way of this should involve the doll’s original package.

We may deliver these gifts on birthdays or as surprise gifts, especially to those who we are sure would appreciate them.


Burial is another option for those who may not want to feel like they are throwing away their lovely doll. Most custom sex dolls form high emotional attachment levels; hence trashing them in the garbage bag feels like throwing someone we loved and probably still love.

A gigantic proportion might consider burial an overrated step; however,  what could be another way to let go of a love partner?

Burial is tricky since it catches the attention of many. If we chose, cemetery, then that is public. We must provide the details of the dead. Can we specify it is a sex doll?

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Therefore, the best place is private, where no one wants to know what we are up to with all the digging. If we chose our home compound then, we must pretend to be doing something other than burial. Most people will say, planting trees.


Donation may be like gifting but on a different level. There are lots of different people and institutions that want sex dolls but cannot afford them. They may still require a particular model, a significant booty type, a flat-chested sex doll, or any other. Among these people who may be in dire need of such dolls include;

1.0. Theater groups – Some of them might need sex dolls to play various characters in their film productions

2.0. Strip clubs – When we are tired of our fantasy sex dolls, strip clubs can be another place of their best use. They will keep men horny and in the best mood for sexual pleasures.

3.0. Artists – Sex dolls are highly useful for redesigning and transforming into other beautiful artifacts. Other artists may also need them for photography.

4.0. Sex violent criminals – sex dolls can be a great help to those who can never resist their appetite for sexual violence.


Sex doll disposal is quite typical. Many sex dolls owners do it almost every day when getting new dolls or merely eliminating the ones they have. As we have seen already, there are many reasons behind all these. All-in-all, we should stick to maintaining a clean environment in whichever disposal method we chose.

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