How Are Sex Dolls Likely To Affect The Future Society

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The quick evolution in the sextech sector is slowly but surely changing the norms of very many societies. The technology we are talking about here is one dealing with the manufacturing and production of sexbots. The most troubling question about them is how they will affect our future. Will we have a completely different sexual life because of them? We only hope that they won’t be any detrimental.

According to lots of recent surveys on the encroachment levels of sexbots, society is at risk of indulging in a sex doll dominated sex life.  A 2017 report by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics shows that robot technology is quickly advancing, and soon there will be more new technology sex dolls coming with more quality lifelike features. The report continues to explain how the currently available realistic sex dolls are taking substantial grounds in the market, and lots of them are on high demand. Meaning, in some years to come, the need is expected to rise exponentially.

Other survey reports by YouGov Omnibus on what is likely to occur to sex dolls in the next five decades still show a rise in demand. About 49% of the survey population shared their expectation opinion to have use of real love sex dolls increase in the next 50 years.

With a formed opinion on what we expect about real-life sex dolls, let’s find out how will that affect the future society.

Key Reasons Why People Buy Sex Dolls

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As much as the future in most cases proves to be unpredictable, in some cases, we can try to. All items we purchase, we buy them for a reason. If you buy a phone today for communication, it means that in the future you will have phone bills to pay,  and that will impact on your gross income. You see, we can at least predict what is likely to happen on this. Lets now think of sex dolls, why do people buy them?

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Sexual Pleasure

For various reasons, not all of us do have the opportunity to be with a love partner, and even if we do, sex is never unlimited. Sex is a pleasurable activity with lots of health benefits, which at least all humans enjoy. A robot sex doll allows you to enjoy it non-stop whichever way you prefer most. The new technological sex doll is now making it even more enjoyable as it tries to imitate all the essential human-like features.


A robot sex doll will not speak to you the same way a human does. However, they will always be there with you. From your workplace, you will find them waiting for you ready to relieve you of stresses. Those who have formed more personal attachment with them, like the idolators, even take them out for shopping, watching a movie in the theatre and other social places to give them company.


Sex dolls do offer a suitable platform for sexual amateurs to train. In case your sex game is low, you barely satisfy your partner, a good suggestion will be to get yourself a robot sex doll and not any other. Real-life sex dolls will be better. They come with quality human-like features that will get you in the mood so fast.

Cost Friendly

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The budget for maintaining a human love partner is mostly high compared to that of a sex robot. Real humans will need accommodation, health care, food, and clothing. These basic needs are ever-recurring as long as we are living. Sex robots, however, won’t require much. Once you pay their purchase price, that’s all. They will never have any needs apart from clothing, which you may either chose to buy them or not.

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A love relationship among humans can be sweet. However, it still features huge risks, pregnancy, and acquisition of STI being the most significant of them all. With a sex doll, you are safe from all these. Sex robots do not get pregnant; neither can they transmit infections unless you share them with the infected and fail to clean them properly.

Impacts Of Sex Dolls In The Current Society

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The Foundation for Responsible Robotics has been following the trends on the production use and even demand of sex dolls, and they had a lot to speak at the Hague Global Institute. According to their report, it is clear that sex robots have, to a significant extent, created some implications in the current society.

First, they referred to the introduction of the new technological sex doll versions as putting pornography in the open. The robots bear similar genital features as humans, and their use is mainly for an uncontrolled gain of sexual pleasure.

Further, in the report, it says that with humans getting too close to these robots, they will gradually lose their sense of humanity, empathy, and socialization. Those who are already using them some have begun secluding themselves from the rest of the human world.

What The Future Society Anticipates Of Sex Dolls

According to the Foundation’s report, as well as other surveys, there is a higher risk ahead. The use of sex robots is significantly growing, and soon most people will have them. The reports state that there are high chances that human socialization will reduce. People will tend to lose their sense of being human; hence, they won’t mind feelings anymore.

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When all these happen, the world will turn wild. Every human for themselves, and that will be a great disaster. It is a clear sign that the birth rate will reduce as sex dolls do not conceive.

Should People Still Buy Sex Dolls

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Personal opinion will always matter when it comes to the question of whether on not one should buy a sex doll. Why? Sex robots are actually masturbator machines, and masturbation is never wrong nor harmful instead very healthy according to medical researches and studies. For anyone at this crossroads, it is essential to weigh your options and find out whether you need one or not.


The escalating growth in the sex tech industry has a lot to mean to the future society. As per the different reports on sex dolls, it is clear that humans will adopt a new lifestyle whereby sex relationship will mostly be between them and these robots. The result of it will be that we will lose our humanity to one another, and our population will undoubtedly decrease as sex dolls do not procreate.

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