Homemade Sex Dolls Vs. Custom Sex Dolls

Homemade Sex Doll

High-End Custom Dolls are readily available in the market, but how much do they cost? The prices are pretty high, $3000 or more, letting the only alternative homemade models take charge.

Homemaking of the sex doll is simple and less expensive. All you need is to join sex toys through a human-like structure, and there you have it, your homemade sex doll.

Why Homemade Sex Doll

Sex dolls customization is an option not available only to the factories but to you at home as well. The idea is to let you develop a sex aid tool that best fits your sexual fantasies. In this case, it will be you to determine; the skin type, vagina type, body shape, and hair, and a lot more that concerns your doll.

How Should A Homemade Sex Doll Look Like

The structural appearance of your homemade sex doll will all be dependant on you. How do you want yours to look like, red wig, hairy vagina, and deep mouth? Or should it be a flat chest with a smooth sexy, realistic vagina? The choice is all yours.

Cyberskin innovations are contributing a lot to the development of quality, realistic sex toys. The only difference yet convenient fact with it is the production of varied unique designs. Feet sex toys, for instance. It is not always that you see or hear of them.

One thing you must remember when joining these sex toys is dimensions. Sex toys are not of a standard measure. One orifice toy, for instance, may either be deeper, bulkier, or less realistic than the other. Also, considering the boobs, dildos, hands, and arm, and many others, they may not be the same.

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The choice you make on any of these components must match your sexual preferences plus the dammy’s dimensions. Huge or long models may not fit appropriately, thus creating an ‘ugly’ doll – you do not want that.

How To Make Your Homemade Sex Doll

Making a homemade sex doll is simple and straightforward, with little artistic skills and necessary equipment. The primary involved method here is sex toys combination. If you are designing a female sex doll, what you will needs are orifices and maybe a hands and mouth masturbator.

Designing your male model will not be any different. Still, you will hae to join toys by attaching them onto a dummy structure. In this case, dildos, mouth, and hands and arm toys would be the most appropriate to consider.

The least common models you may also prefer are those with feet toys. These also, you can form your unique way to engage them sexually.

Homemade Sex Dolls Vs. Custom Sex Dolls: Is There A Difference

Homemade and custom sex doll may and may not mean the same thing. The major similarity between these two is that it is you, the buyer, or the maker who determines the final outlook of your doll.

Homemade sex dolls mainly refer to se doll models you design from home using sex toys and a dummy structure. The essence o it is also to aid in masturbation. The custom sex doll, on the other hand so much relates to factory-made. The process involves letting a company know of the specific design you want and letting them work on it.

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How Much Is A Homemade Sex Doll

The price of a handmade sex doll is not as high as that factory customized type. Sex toys are generally cheap, and the dummy structure not any pricy either.

In Summary

Homemade sex dolls are always the best alternative to your dream ‘perfect’ sex partner. Get the right sized sex toys and building equipment to develop yours. Note that you may need a little of your artistic skills. Otherwise, when still all these do not work for you, you can visit our Irealdoll. We provide quality, ready-made, and custom sex dolls of your most desirable choice.

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