Why People Buy High End Sex Doll

We all want high-end staff, especially those to which we spend lots of money purchasing. Sex dolls are one kind of items that generally sell expensively. However, within their high cost, there exist several models designed according to specific and personalized sexual preferences. The High-End Sex Dolls are the leading and most fantastic doll designs you can have. They are available as BBW sex dolls, milf, mini, teenage, and pornstar love dolls, among many others. Still, under their categorization, you will have various sub-categories consisting of the big ass sex dolls, slender types, flat-chested, and a lot more. What concerns most about this selection is what features and facts define the various dolls therein. If you are looking for this information, welcome to the quick-read Wikipedia page for it – keep reading.

What Is High-End Sex Dolls

Before going much deeper into this, let’s begin with the basics, what are high-end sex dolls? This term refers to a selection of most premium sex dolls, artistically crafted to resemble humans in various aspects closely. It defines those lifelike robotic sex dolls featuring AI, sound, and temperature technology, adding more to their lifelike traits. High-end sex dolls are either TPE or silicone. Each of these features well-atoned skin, beautiful/ cute appearance for sexual attraction. Their orifices on female dolls and dildos in men not only realistic on the look but feel the same as well. Far from sexual use, the High-End Sex Dolls are for a great companionship. If you stay alone, getting one of these could help bring you the company you need. You could have them sleep beside you in bed; remember they have temperature technology; hence, on cold nights, you can always hag them. Also, other ways you can enjoy their company is by taking them for a walk or sitting them at your living or dining room.

Are High-End Sex Dolls Worth My Money

Have you seen a high-end sex doll before? Let’s assume you have, more precisely, you would agree that these are no standard dolls. Yes, their purpose could be one, fulfilling sexual tension, but it is the ‘how’ in this case that matters. How much sexual satisfaction do you receive from your sex doll High-end sex dolls come with most advanced features that improve their overall performance far much beyond sex. It may not be all times that you will want actual penetration. Meaning, even in caressing, you will need a better sex doll, that with the sexy figure, smooth and soft skin, and beautiful/ cute look you prefer. High-end sex dolls are generally expensive not because of beautiful appearance but installed technologies and high durability. These dolls mainly feature top-end silicone sex dolls with artificial intelligence technology and robotic characteristics. They can warm, sense sexual arousals, maintain short conversations, and make slight but significant movements. It, therefore, means, when spending on these dolls, you are not wasting your money but investing in high endurance sex dolls with more exceptional performance.

What Are The Market’s Best High-End Sex Dolls

When you are ready to buy a high-end sex doll, better go for the very best design. The market could have several; however, these three, silicone sex dolls, robot (AI), and celebrity dolls always top in the selection lists. See their details below.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone is a high-end material better than TPE used in the sex doll making. Its high-quality is what defines it most. It better resists stains and high temperatures. Cleaning it is often much more comfortable for being less porous. Otherwise, it is quite flexible for convenient folding and highly resistible.

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Choosing high-end silicone sex dolls will, therefore, mean access to all their quality features.

Robot (AI) Sex Dolls

The world is quickly transforming technology-wise, and sex dolls’ industry is not lagging. Robot Sex Dolls with AI technology are now available under the high-end sex dolls category. They consist of improved models that bear various robotic traits like movements, sound production, warming, and sensing. It is such a fantastic experience having any of these dolls. Their operation is more realistic and lifelike.

Celebrity Sex Dolls

Another high-end sex doll model you can pursue is celebrity sex dolls. They imitate reality – their orifices are far much familiar to the real pornstars, well-accommodating and sexy. Most of these dolls allow further customizations to make them more of what you want. They as well feature some robotic/ AI features to enhance their realistic/ lifelike nature. All of these varieties fall under different sex doll categories defined by their outer physical structure. For instance, therefore, we have the BBW high-end sex dolls, the teen, anime, big booty/boobs, flat-chested, and many others.

Are There Cheap High-End Sex Dolls

As much as it could be presumable that high-end sex dolls are expensive, it always does not mean they are unaffordable. Expensive is relative, and more so in this case, we have several sex doll models which, of course, do not share the same price tag. Others may slightly have high range prices while others low. It all depends on how much you will spend. Below are three top high-end sex dolls that generally sell at more affordable rates. They could be the best models you need this time.

TPE Sex Dolls

Equally, there are several quality TPE sex dolls in this category listing. Though they might not measure up the silicone types, they still offer great performances to you that will interest you. Smooth sexy skin, realistic/ lifelike appearance, and advanced technology are among their most defining features. The dolls relatively last long and are highly customizable as well. They are among the most premium designs to have as sexual satisfaction and companionship is of more significant concern.

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Mini Sex Dolls

Mini sex dolls are quite ideal if you have limited storage space. Their small sizes are convenient to handle even during sexual engagement – shifting sexual positions is easy. Also, if you like traveling, packaging, and transporting any of these dolls is a no hustle task. You can find several high-end designs in this category. They come in various selections according to your sexual preferences; BBW, flat chest, curvy, big booty, and so on.

Torso Sex Dolls

Torso sex dolls are always cheap options for some of the best sex dolls you meet. Likewise, they occur in a variety of models with ranging prices. However, among these, there are the most high-end designs that offer the highly advanced nature of sexual pleasures. You always get one from this selection category for an exclusively distinct experience.

How Much Does High-End Sex Dolls Sell

Not much that you cannot afford. Remember, not all high-end sex dolls are the AI robot sex dolls. Many exist from various sex doll types. However, when a doll has highly advanced features and designs, that’s when it becomes high-end and generally sells at high rates. So how much does a high-end sex doll go for? No specific price could be the best answer. Price variation depends on lots of factors among which are the following;

  • The supplier: Some will have higher prices than others
  • Model type: The sex doll type counts. A full-size high-end sex doll will sell at a higher rate than a mini-doll.
  • Material: Silicone dolls will always be more expensive than TPE types basing on the quality difference.

TIP: Before buying any of the high-end sex dolls, ensure to shop around for the most affordable model but with your most preferred features.

7 Best High-End Sex Dolls For Sale

It can be quite a hustle looking for the best high-end models more so if you are a sex doll amateur. However, let that not worry you. Here below is a well-researched list of the best High-End Sex Dolls for Sale you may want to consider. This selection bases on top-selling sex doll types but with more moderate rates. Their performance remains reputable and satisfying to all users.

Christine 167cm I Cup Sexy Robot Sex Doll

Christine, she is the queen, most ‘hottest’ AI robot sex doll with realistic/ lifelike appearance. Her body is a well-articulated structure consisting of a medical-grade TPE material and a steel metal skeleton. The rest of her is a beautiful sexy lady with huge breasts and knows better how to grace bedroom businesses.

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Ella 167cm I Cup Robot Sex Doll

Ella is Christine’s sister. They resemble various make aspects except for special appearances. She is too an AI robot sex doll that can warm, chant a few words, and move a little to enhance your sexual satisfaction with her. Ella features huge boob’s types with pink nipples, sexy black eyes, and realistic orifices.

Carina 158cm I Cup BBW Sex Doll

Do you like the anime sex doll model? Well, Valerie is one most high-end sex doll designs you can choose. She among her colleagues stand out as the big boob sex doll with a highly adorable sexy look. Her body curves are quite irresistible. She is tall and ultimately convenient for oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

Darlene 170cm M Cup BBW Adults Doll

Darlene is the black beauty high-end sex doll you are looking for. The TPE girl is one ergonometric design coming with sexy curved ass, huge breasts, and black eyes. Her skin is smooth and all tender. Her best sex position is those you love most.

Amy 156cm E Cup Robot Sex Dolls

Do you want an Asian mistress? Meet the most realistic Amy, who has an undying appetite for sex ‘addict’ men. She is one of the high-end small breast sex dolls you may want. Her medical-grade TPE material is always soft and sexy to touch. She’s ever horny and can play all day and night to give you the satisfaction you want.

Cora 168cm D Cup Robot Sex Doll

Cora is the best flat chest high-end sex doll you want. She is one of the robot sex dolls who will moan, and sense every arousal touch. Give yourself a try with this super doll and earn a better experience altogether.

Vanessa 163cm H Cup Big Booty Sex Doll

The big booty Venessa is one most reputed high-end sex doll featuring big boobs as well. She is the blonde type and comes with the best realistic/ lifelike appearances in her category of selection. These seven are only but the top one. If you so wish, you can look through the various sex dolls available to find your most preferred type.

iRealDoll: The Best High-End Sex Dolls Supplier

It is always from the best supplier that you get a quality high-end sex doll. iRealDoll is one of the best dealings in the worldwide supply of sex accessories, including sex dolls. Here you will find the best sex doll models ranging from torsos to full-size types. Our delivery time goes up to day 15 after order placement. Depending on where you are, you will always receive your package on time.


So much information could be available on high-end sex dolls; however, the end game is that you need the best type ever. Many manufactures understand the various designs the market prefers, and their daily task has been to improve the new models coming up. Lately, it is the AI robot dolls that have been in the lead considering the high-end sex doll models. However, there is still progress in trying to better them for more effectiveness. Technology is fast advancing, let’s hope soon, much better models will be available. Until then, you can entertain your sexual desires with some of these beautiful high-end designs. You can also view our other collections to know more: Japanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTPE Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex Dolls

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