Are There Good Sex Dolls That I Can Buy For $1000

Yes, plenty of them! It is indeed more of the fact that no sex doll are overly high priced; however, there are those available quite at manageable rates. People have different financial strength, and that is one thing the sex dolls industry considers most in its production checklist. Sex dolls selling at $1200 or thereabout are the mid-capacitated sex dolls. They come with some of the practical features and body structures that help them serve their sole purposes more accurately. When we are searching for ‘good sex dolls’ what we often want is simple, well-functioning models. Sex dolls production covers a wide variety selection of different models defined by both appearance and functionality. Good Sex dolls selling at $1200 or below are numerous following this same listing. In this article, we aim at spotlighting some of these dolls, indicating just how good they are for the fulfilment of their purpose.

Realistic Full Body-Size Sex Dolls

An option we all have in this sex doll selection is the realistic full body-size models. They are the entire body and a realistic one that creates a lot of realism in their usages. Most in this category mimic the body height, weight and overall appearance of us humans the soft skin and so on. Realistic full-body sex dolls selling at $1200 are many. The best selection any of us will have on them relies on where our sexual incitement inclines. Here below are some of the two select models for quick reference – they always can be the best choice some of us needs.

Anemone 165cm A Cup Life Size Sex Doll

Those of us who prefer chocolate brown skin, Anemone can be the best choice to have. She is a quality TPE made realistic sex dolls for those with a budget of $1200. Her style is naughty sex which she plays with guys who are more potent in bed. Better than her peers in the group, Anemone is a dream doll everyone wants. She always has the will and the power to offer the most enjoyable love games we all want.

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Annalise 165cm J Cup Tpe Love Doll

Annalise, she comes from the Adventurous world. She is a well-fit arrow fighter who I best at her game. Besides her fights skills, she is an incredible sex player armed with key most erotic moves. Annalise is a TPE sex dolls falling in the most realistic category. She is relatively tall, 165cm, blonde and slender. She has black eyes, pink nipples and fixed vagina that is ‘sweeter’ than most of us can imagine.   Still with customization options, always we can make Annalise a better doll according to our sexual preferences. Nonetheless, Annalise promises good performance, even the way she is now, on the sale rack.

Realistic Small Size Sex Dolls

The small sex dolls is another quality option we can also on good sex dolls selling at $1200. Like the lifelike designs, these dolls are many.  Their range covers appearance, and mostly performance best determined by their technological features. The dishes present in these selections include the anime types and the regular dolls all with relatively smaller body heights between 141cm and 145cm. Here are some top-suggestions of these dolls selling at rates within the range of not more than $1200.

Merry 145cm C Cup Young Love Dolls

Merry is one of essential choices when looking for quality small sex dolls below $1200. The TPE made doll features smooth, sexy skin and appearance that give her quite the realistic look many of us wants. Her body is mid-size, weighing only 26.5 kg | 58.4 lbs. She’s one convenient model for any sex position. She’s easy to lift and to manipulate into various carnal styles.

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Celeste 145cm C Cup Flat Chested Love Doll

Those who may have high-appetite for flat-chested dolls, here is one great choice. Celeste is one Japanese small size sex doll that performs exceptionally in its functions. With her sexual capacities, she’s ever able to accommodate all men who play the game; blow jobs, anal or vaginal sex. Her TPE skin remains glowing and attractive and green eyes, sexier than ever. She like a tight vest that reveals her tiny but pointed little boobs. Like the rest in her category, Celeste loves to sex much and always shows a great this towards it.

Quality Torso Sex Dolls Under $1200

The third choice we can have for quality dolls are the torso models. These are unique owing to their designs – half body, either top or lower part. Always and equally, they also provide adamant sexual pleasures which are never any lesser than those of the full-size designs. Almost all torso dolls sell below $1200 Better suggestions on them include the following;

Cute Lily 10.36 Lbs Sex Doll Torso

This design is a combination of boobs and lower orifices; the vagina and anus. Like any other realistic sex dolls, it feels and appears real in the sense of touch and body feel. With its highly accommodative weight, this lovely doll offers luxurious sex for various styles and positions. When going for a tour, carrying it is almost effortless. It can virtually fit in its proportionate suitcase for easy travelling.  

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Haw 13.88 lbs Realistic Torso Sex Doll  

This highly curvy shape is a quality sex tool most of us will admire. She is a limbless design featuring all the orifices needed for the sexual explosion; the anus, vagina and mouth. With a height of 125mm and weight of 13.88Ibs, this doll offers many conveniences for transport and sexual use.


A list of sex doll purchasable below and at $1200 is such a long one. Any selection on this always needs us to consider our most prioritized sexual interest. What kind of skin we prefer, is it TPE or silicone? Does the doll have the three orifices? What size are these dolls, are they the BBW type or the slender flat-chested designs.

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