Fleshlight Vs. Sex Dolls: All Facts You Need To Know

Sex Dolls

Fleshlight or Sex Dolls, which should I buy? On this page, we give you all the nitty-gritty you need to know on each to help you decide.

When buying any sex tool, you always want to chose that which is overall best. Because of that, the manufactures behind any of these models, either sex doll or fleshlight, are trying their best to give you that which you precisely want. All along, it has been sex toys for women and sex dolls mainly for men. However, that is not the same situation currently. As more ladies are buying sex dolls, men also are diverting to the fleshlight, which are not only cheaper but highly convenient options.

To begin our discussion on which to choose, we want to look at each of these tools separately. Let’s start with the fleshlight

What Is Fleshlight

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Most certainly, you are used to the word sex toy(s). Well, fleshlight is also a sex toy, however, of a unique make to suite men. In simple terms, it is an artificial vagina fit in tube-like structure with the shape of a spotlight. See the image below.

Erotic Red Sex Dolls Pussy Masturbator

Price: $59.99

Fleshlight is one better alternative to using your arms in masturbating. It’s ‘vagina’ material is a soft silicone/ TPE material which works excellent with little lubrication. It has a high-grip section which you can grab while masturbating. One feature you will also like about it is its special lid. It provides quality protection to the ‘vaginal’ structure hence enhancing longevity.

Fleshlight may not be 100% the same as a real vagina; however, it has some advantages many like them for. It exists of varied designs characterized by the difference in color and sizes. It will be you to choose from the list. You can’t do this with a real vagina. Another one is that it is highly portable, being of pocket size, you can carry it conveniently to places you go.

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  • An effective remedy for erectile dysfunction: Their constant use trains the prostrate muscles to keep erect during sex.
  • Highly portable: Its discreet design makes it easy to carry even in your pocket. Hence you can use it whenever you get a chance and feel like masturbating.
  • They offer excellent masturbation experience compared to the use of arms

Fleshlight Buying Guide

Like other items that provide a variety of selections, choosing a quality fleshlight may be challenging, especially for a newbie. For ideal choice, however, you must look at those factors worth your satisfaction when using the item. In this case, the elements are as follows.

  • Penis Size: Fleshlight’s vagina may be elastic; however, unlike humans, they cannot accommodate all penis sizes. Hence, depending on your penis size, always chose the model which matches your size.
  • Preferred Orifice: Which orifice arouses you the most, mouth, pussy, or anus? Fleshlights features all these designs. You may as well find one with two of these on either end.
  • Visual Stimulation: If appearances matter to you on fleshlights, then you should consider it too. Among these tools come those with flashy stimulating appearances you will most likely love.
  • Your Masturbation Pace: If your masturbation is intense long, slow or slow, go for a model that will work effectively on that.
  • Replica Preferences: You can have a customarily designed fleshlight with orifice design similar to a porn star you like, a model, or anyone in your sexual fantasy dreams.


The usage procedure of any of the fleshlights is quite easy and direct. A few steps you must follow are only two. There are;

  • Warming It Up: In most cases, it is mainly when your penis encounters a warm temperature penetration base that you feel ultimate sexual excitement. Fleshlight making still lacks the temperature technology to warm it up. The best solution therefore would be to put the sleeve end on warm water – that will heat it.
  • Lubing It: Unlike the real vagina, fleshlight vagina does not produce vaginal fluids. Therefore, you can use a lube instead to soften the area for easy penetration.
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About its cleaning and maintenance, you should follow the manufacturer’s guide to ensure you enhance its performance and longevity. Using the right cleaning detergents and materials will be a critical look into details.

Sex Doll

What are they?

A sex doll is a sex tool bearing human-like figure characteristics; head, body, and limbs. Maybe you have seen them already. Unlike before, when they were looked into as taboo, today, they are widespread. Many people are using them to satisfy their sexual cravings. These dolls come in various categories such as realistic sex dolls, teen sex dolls, ebony, and many others to meet user’s sexual preferences. Still, under these categories, you will find those with big boobs, big ass, and even muscle bodies.

The latest designs of these pleasure gods as many refer to them, come with even more improved feature technologies making the more realistic. Like humans, they now moan as of their sound technology and pose warm as of their temperature technology.

Buying Guide To The Best Sex Doll

Sex dolls come in varied designs defined by complexion, size, weight, features, and a lot more. Making a choice out of them all may be tricky without a proper feature checklist. Here is the best guide to follow.

  • Your Budget: Sex dolls are generally expensive. However, still, you can find that fitting within your limited budget. A sex doll torso, for instance, will be cheaper compared to a full-size silicone doll.
  • Material: They are either silicone or TPE made. Silicone is the best in terms of quality and it is more expensive. However, that does not mean that TPE is less useful. Some realistic TPE sex dolls are very high-end.
  • Size And Weight: These dolls weigh as much as 100 kg or more depending on their quality and structure. Also, there are the full-size as well as the torsos. With torsos, you can find either those with upper or lower limbs only or those with only the waist area.
  • Brand: Always the best selling brand would be that which produces high-quality dolls. They are the ones you should consider.
  • Appearance: these do not exhibit the same facial and even body appearance. You only need to choose those you find most attractive.
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  • They are more human-like – hence ideal replacements for sexual partners
  • Safer: They do not conceive not transmit STIs (unless you share them)
  • Always ready for sex
  • They come in a variety of shape, size, completion, etc.,


In most cases, you will treat sex dolls as humans. Remember they have the human figure; hence, you can easily enact the different sex play positions that exist and even explore more. The latest models come with warming technology. It is now their vagina, which you will have to lubricate and get on with the game.


On cleaning and maintenance, you must use the most recommended cleaning materials to enhance both its performance and durability. The manufacturers will always provide you with a special guide on this.


So, now that you are aware of these facts about each of these sex tools, which one will you most prefer? Sex doll most certainly. Based on its pro features, this tool offers much more sexual fun than any other sex toy. The mere fact that it comes with a more human appearance makes it an excellent design. It helps bring an attachment almost like that you would give to a real human.

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