Best 7 Fat And Curvy Sex Dolls

Fat and Curvy sex dolls

Many men love having sex with thin women, with long legs, a flat stomach, and a big breast. This is the model of beauty that is transmitted by mass media and fashion agencies: lean, tall and proportionate women, girls want to have that body and models are the erotic dreams of all men.

But several years ago this was not the ideal of beauty, which was a curvy or fat woman with big legs, breasts, and a big ass.    

Some sociologists have explained this sexual preference with the safety of procreation. A woman with broad hips and a sturdy build could survive the parts when the hygiene conditions were not high, could generate several children and survive the periods of economic difficulty in a better way, also could better defend itself in case of aggression.

These women gave the idea of being strong and could provide many children, while the small and thin women did not offer the same feeling of security.

Even today some men prefer fat and curvy women, and we at IReal Dolls have created a line of fat and curvy sex dolls that will satisfy all our customers.

Each of our models is designed to give the same feeling as a real fat girl, and we used right curvy girls as a model for the construction of our sex dolls to have maximum realism.

Here Are The 7 Fat And Curvy Sex Dolls Most Appreciated By Our Customers.


Rosemary is a curvy sex doll characterized by a very prosperous breast and a great ass, ready to be wrung out in your hands’ thanks to the biodegradable silicone gel used to build her body.

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Rosemary manages to give the same feeling of a curvy woman, it is heavy but can be folded without problems, is ready to use and can receive many hot cumshots that can be cleaned instantly without leaving a trace.

Rosemary is our bestseller, and if you buy her, you’ll understand why.


Bethany is a curvy sex doll that will make all lovers of this kind of sex doll happy. We designed Bethany to be significant, with a huge butt, wide hips and a huge breast, ready to be touched, sucked, squeezed without problems, absolutely identical to a real chest.

Bethany can be dressed with any dress or accessory and is perfect for hardcore sex thanks to the high strength of the materials that compose it.

Do not miss the opportunity to do sadomasochistic sex with a partner who does not stop you, Bethany is the perfect fat sex doll for you.


Zaro is characterized by her enormous breast and sturdy legs, is a typical curvy sex doll, with a classic design that has been a great success for the perfection of detail.

The designer was inspired by real fat and curvy girls to make Zaro, measuring every part of the body and paying the utmost attention to every detail, and the result was a great success.

At IRealDoll, we only want to offer the best to our customers, like Zaro.

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Savannah is the curvy black sex doll, perfect for those who prefer African American women.

Savannah is characterized by a big breast and a very “urban” look, similar to a gangsta rapper, to give the impression of having sex with a black girl from the San Francisco ghetto.

Perhaps too vintage, but a model of absolute success.


Rowan is inspired by the very first cinema divas, which embodied the sexual desires of all men thanks to their soft body ready to be wrung out.

Rowan is dressed in an old school dress, with a delicate neckline and high heels. You can have sex with her by leaving her dressed or naked, for her it is not a problem, the only priority is to have lots of sex with you.


Lorelei is inspired by swimmers, curvy girls but with a tonic and muscular body. The athletes are the erotic dream of many men, and this model of the sex doll is dedicated to them, to transform this fantasy into a beautiful reality finally.

She has big breasts and excellent care for the details of her body, which can be unbelievably bent thanks to the metal exoskeleton designed to be light and durable.

Lorelei is one of the most technologically advanced curvy sex dolls.

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Camryn is the curvy sex doll MILF, a woman who is no longer young but who still has a great desire to have sex and has a beautiful body, with natural breasts, a nice ass, and a shaved pussy.

The dream of many guys is to have sex with a beautiful MILF, and Camryn is here to make that desire any time you want.

Here are the best 7 fat and curvy sex dolls, choose the one you want and have great sex!

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