If You Could Customize A Sex Doll, What Would It Look Like

Custom Sex Doll

What if you were given a chance to create your love partner? How would they look like? Would they have the kind of legs they have now? What about their lips? Would they be that red, pink or dark? It is one pretty similar question as with sex doll customization. It is amazing how love and sexual feelings prevail among living things, more especially humans. There are quite several exciting features and facts that surround and so affect how we chose our best love partners.

Lately, Sex dolls have become a sensational topic discussed all over the planet. It is true; there has been a great surge in the adaptive use of sex toys. Today, however, the shift turn is into sex dolls, which possess as better alternatives to the typical human sexual lives.

Well, the reasons behind this gradual yet impactful change lean mainly on reliability, convenience, and affordability. Whether you want a sex doll or not all depend on what you feel and enjoy about your sexual life, but this is another day’s topic. Now let us draw our attention to sex doll customization.

Do Custom Sex Dolls Look Any Better

Sex doll customization is one process that offers us a chance to create our dream sex partners. We all want a sexy, elegantly looking partner who fulfills our sexual cravings. He or she should have the most adorable carnal features topping up their pretty or handsome looks.

Unfortunately, no humans own this perfection. They will have the pretty face you are looking for the height, complexion, everything but not the big ass size you want. For others, the situation might be different; maybe they will have thin legs you do not like and a lot more.

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Sex doll’s designs are, however, relatively easy to manipulate and also determine. Many sex doll manufacturing companies now offer this opportunity. If I have a partner in mind or on a photo, what I need to do is present it to the manufacturers. In most cases, people prefer mimicking ‘hot’ celebs with their customized dolls. The celebrities could be porn stars, musicians, actors, and so on. Porn star mimicking sex dolls in most cases gives more exact results. Remember, porn stars often show their entire naked body, and from that, they are easy to copy in the molding.

So what if you are not creating a porn star or other public figure, are there other sex doll customization options? Fortunately yes! Sex dolls companies, iRealDoll, and the rest are trying to ensure; clients always get their best from what they have to offer.

Customization Options For My Busty Love Dolls: How Would They Look Like

sex doll body types

What are the customization options for on-shelf sex dolls? How I would like my sex doll to look may be quite different from how you want yours. Well, nowhere are the varied yet options you can go by.

I like white skin tone, and here are possible ways I can choose for my customization. Note that there are lots of sex dolls categorized by region affiliation (race); the American, African, and Asian). On this note, there are skin options; white, tan, and black.

Option one:

I will choose a Lifelike BBW Sex Doll from the selected categories. Under customization options, I will go for;

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  • Pink nipple
  • Blue eyes; they look a little sexier to me
  • Gel breasts and
  • Replaceable vagina

On this also, I will decide on whether it silicone or TPE. Silicone sex dolls tend to be a little more expensive. For this, maybe I will settle for TPE.

Option Two:

For this, I will now need a Small Sex Doll. These are quite flexible and highly convenient for sexual handling. They are lightweight and equally sexy as the rest of the high-end models.

For this model, I will need the anime kind with the following features;

  • Fixed vagina
  • Green eyes
  • Fixed feet
  • Brown nipples and
  • Gel breasts: they feel more real in touch.

Option Three:

On this option, I will pick the AI Robotic type. These are the latest and the most realistic models you can have. Most of them are of life-size design and feature more of human affiliate characteristics such as movement, sound, and temperature.

Here are the most suiting custom features I will choose for this doll.

  • Replaceable vagina: Cleaning it (the vagina) will be a little more convenient with this design.
  • Standing feet: This will make her more real in varied sex positions that need a partner to stand.
  • Breasts I would go for the gel type since they appear and feel more real.
  • Eye color: Blue

I hope you picture how all my dolls in these three examples would look like. It is worth noting, however, that more customization options exist for if you need to make your doll that perfect. How to make these choices remain an easy process only that you need to have the picture/ figure you expect in mind. Improper matching of these customizable options may result in a creepy doll you may not love.

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The sex doll industry avails lots of sex doll models with customization options. Before you go into specific custom choices, you must first choose your most preferred model. The best collection on this composes of;

  • The curvy sex dolls
  • BBW Sex Doll
  • Flat-chested sex dolls
  • AI robotic sex dolls
  • The big booty sex dolls
  • Big boobs sex dolls
  • Small breast sex dolls

From these categories, you can make your choices based on other considerable factors, including; Size, racial inclination, appearance, installed technology, and a lot more.

Ready To Create Your Dream Sex Doll

If you are dying to bed that hot celebrity but cannot access them, sex dolls now give you the closest opportunity. whichever you may choose, are top known companies that will handle your special order to perfection. Through them, you will be able to create that sexy ‘hot’ maiden; you only interact with behind screens.

This procedure does not take long. Our have the best artists and other professionals that ensure your order is available on time. Make that move today and get your dream sex partner sooner and easier than you ever imagined.

Besides you can take a look at other varied sex doll model options available-Silicone Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTPE Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsBlonde Sex Doll. New products await you!

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