7 Factors To Consider When Buying Companion Sex Dolls

What is the companion sex doll? These are unique sex doll models with prettier lifelike appearance and major significance in giving companionship to users. The sex doll industry has so far realized not only to concentrate on sex offers but even more. The companionship sex dolls come in various designs basing exact physical appearances and functionalities to suit various demands.

When it comes to the purchase of better companions, love dolls, not always any can do. First, what goes into play is our preferences. Therefore, we must distinguish that clearly before indulging in these essential yet paramount evaluation factors.

Outward Appearance

The best companion sex doll must always have the prettiest face, probably featuring a hint of a smile. Also, this prettiness must extend to the rest of their physical body. These dolls must have the detailed speculations we intend. We must therefore consider the height, complexion, body size, orifice type, and so on.

Other people may also want to check on more, the nipples, feet type, eye color, and so on. Note that there are equally the anime sex doll types. These will have a feature evaluation consisting of whether their body color is green, blue, or whichever. We might as well look at their ear designs; are they extended enough? What is their eye color, among other things?

A Companion Sex Doll Needs To Be Full-Size

When choosing sex dolls for companions, at least the concept of realism makes it more impactful. Most recent designs gladly have adapted into this. They now feature full-size models with maximum sexual capabilities.

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Such dolls in decent dressing codes can always pose real humans in various events, never easily noticed. Most people already in their possessions walk with them to the beach, walking parks, movie zones, and several other places.

Note, however, that to do all, we must always consider our country laws first. Some states do not allow such for several reasons they say are of great interest to the rest of the community.

Storage/User Space

The storage issue applies to the rest of the sex doll categories as well. Before asking our preferred doll’s purchase, we always must reflect on the size of the space we have back at home. A large room will be better for a big, full-size sex doll. Small or tiny sex dolls are perfect for smaller rooms – they will be more convenient to hide and maneuver with inside.

Technology Installed

The recent most high technology sex dolls are the best for companionship purposes. For quite some time now, the sex doll industry has tried absorbing the various AI and robotic techniques and applying them in their production. This has yielded the most effective AI robotic sex dolls that now form the icon in the industry.

Among the top features these dolls have to include;

  • Ability to independently warm when sexually aroused
  • AI robotic dolls can have a little chat: The dolls feature a programmed sound system that lets them remember the time and always tells us when to take our medicines or wake up.
  • Movement: Robotic dolls can always move the eyebrows, jaws, neck, and at time limbs.
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Each of these technological capabilities somehow measures those of real humans. The intention is to provide humans with more splendid artificial companions.

More improvements for the AI robotic sex dolls are underway. Soon the developers will be launching their better designs with higher effectiveness in this course.


Another paramount consideration factor is weight – It may apply to other dolls as well. Companion sex dolls fit into multiple uses, which always require weight convenience. As sex doll suppliers, we continuously receive lots of emails asking how chubby sex dolls are.

The fact is most of us need to know how convenient particular sex doll models can be to them in terms of weight. An average size sex doll will weigh moderate, and that is what most of us would like. In such a case, carrying them to different locations will never be a hustle but a smooth, less tasking procedure. Carrying them to the wheelchair and in various places within the house will never be a great worry.

Weighty sex dolls, on the other hand, are cumbersome to manage. Shifting them into new positions is highly inconvenient – always averagely sized dolls are the best.


The significant and authentic sex doll materials are TPE and Silicone. Within these, however, there are the medical-grade models which we should always choose. These often are hypoallergic and offer smooth, more attractive touch. The best companion doll remembers should be that which explores realism. High-quality skin always makes that possible.


Price consideration always comes more immediately. Mostly, we intend to ask about it first before we consider the rest of the factors.

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Sex dolls sell expensively on a general consideration. However, when we say this, it always does not mean they are unaffordable. There are lots of companion sex dolls going by the various models available, so are the prices.

The most expensive companion sex dolls are the AI robotic types. These come with highly advanced technological features that contribute to their better performances and so high rates. Nonetheless, there is the more affordable rest, at least to most. They equally perform better though not precisely comparable to the high-end designs.

Why Should You Consider All These Factors

Sex dolls are overly pricy, and therefore we do not want to waste our money on vague, less performing models. The seven factors discussed above are simply a guideline into how to select the best companion sex doll. Remember, even though sexual interest counts, the facts above determine performance. Best dolls always perform better – we all must remember that.

Sex doll customization is one-way people make better their companion dolls. For more information about this, kindly contact us here.

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