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Silicone Sex Doll

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Are you a fan of silicone sex dolls? At iRealDoll, we have unlimited choices for you. Male and female, mini and full size, all these silicone sex doll varieties are available plus their sub-categories. The silicone material has its quality advantage over any other option. It brings out the most realistic looks in a sex doll from the head down to the toe. Their skin is always smooth and well atoned for a soft feel.


With an up-close focus on orifices, the silicone sex dolls come with the most realistic vagina, anus, and mouth.  Male dolls, on the other hand, features intact or replaceable erect penis of about 8 inches long, depending on the model. The rest of their body is muscular and sexually attractive.


Silicone sex dolls are perceived to be more expensive; however, at iRealDoll, we offer you a wide selection with prices you can afford.


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