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Plus Size Sex Dolls

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Our competitors thought that the RealDoll had reached the limit with the creation of large size sex dolls, but we believe that only the sky is a limit and we raise the bar with our new collection, the Plus Size sex dolls, as big as a person and able to give incredible emotions.
They are dolls that have needed years of design, to perfect them, to make them equal to a real woman, to make them our best product and the way to beat the competition once and for all. The plus size sex dolls are perfect, they are identical to a real woman, they have long legs, a sexy look, a mouth ready for a blowjob, pussy and ass big enough for every dick and can have sex all the time.
Our laboratories have designed these plus size sex dolls to be big, realistic but at the same time light and not bulky. The flexible skeleton is made of metal with movable joints, it can be folded in every dimension as if the doll were a world champion of yoga, they are very light and can be stored in every piece of furniture or warehouse without taking up space.
Imagine having sex with a tall doll like a Brazilian model, with long legs like highways and a proportionate breast, you can choose the position, the duration of sexual intercourse and be able to concentrate only on your orgasm, you will finally be the master of your destiny and you will really do whatever you want because our plus size sex dolls are ready for anything to make you cum like never in your life!
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