Prue 165cm H Cup
Prue 165cm H CupPrue 165cm H CupPrue 165cm H CupPrue 165cm H Cup

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  About Sex Doll

  • Made of Premium grade TPE material, built with a realistic skeleton that allows her to move quickly. 
  • Totally realistic real woman proportions and measurements from her boobs, belly, and butt, to her perfectly formed thighs, calves and arms,if you want a truly sexy life-sized doll,this real life-sized beauty will have you never wanting to leave her, but the best part is that she will be there for your pleasure forever!

  Product Specs

Prue is a real bargain! 

You can not find another sex doll like her, I can guarantee you! She is perfect, she is gorgeous, she has big breasts, a beautiful ass, a shaved pussy and a big mouth with a deep throat! 

She is your slave and will do whatever you want, in all circumstances, without any limit, and without hesitation. Anal? Ok. Blowjob? No problem! You can hit her in the face with your dick, and she will like it! 

Do not waste any more time and buy the best sex doll on the market, purchase Prue!

  • Height: 165cm | 5ft 5 inch 
  • Full Bust: 91cm | 35.8 inch 
  • Waist: 51cm | 20.1inch 
  • Hips: 86cm | 33.9 inch 
  • Weight: 37kg | 81.6 lbs. 
  • Under Bust: 62cm | 24.4 inch 
  • Vaginal Depth: 18cm | 7.1 inch 
  • Anal Depth: 17cm | 6.7 inch 
  • Oral Depth: 13cm | 5.1 inch 
  • Arm Length: 58cm | 22.8 inch 
  • Shoulder Width: 37cm | 14.6 inch 
  • Calf Circum: 29cm | 11.4 inch 
  • Thigh Circum: 44cm | 17.3 inch 
  • Body Length: 151cm | 59.4 inch 
  • Foot Length: 21cm | 8.3inch 
  • Carton Size: 154x41x34cm 

  Choose Options

      Skin Color

      Eye Color

     Nipple Color


   Pubic Hair

  Standing Feet

  New Experience

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  Body Gesture Adjustment

  • The head can be twisted up and down, left and right. 
  • The waist can be twisted back and forth
  • The legs can be twisted back and forth, human body bending method
  • The feet can be twisted up and down 
  • The arms can be bent to complete most human movements.

  Sex Doll Photo


  Quality Assurance

  • Made of imported materials, double-layer silky skin 
  • Full-body TPE soft siliconeSkeleton material: precious metal, service life of more than 10 years 
  • TPE: It belongs to medical silica gel. It is safe, non-toxic and harmless. It has no odor, abrasion resistance, softness and elasticity.
The quality of the control is strictly controlled, and the poisonous materials are not detected. The data is used to confirm that the doll is very safe.

  Shipping & Packing

  • Confirm your doll photos and approve the shipment 
  • Discreet Packaging - the box is completely plain and unlabeled.Doll requires 1 week processing time + 1 week for shipping = 2 weeks total delivery time (estimated). 
  • Shipping time depends on location
  • Free International Shipping,We will deliver through DHL or FedEx. You can specify the delivery time.

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