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Medium Size Sex Dolls (145cm-158cm)

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After the launch of our Small Size line, we received many messages from our customers, asking us to introduce a range of medium size sex dolls to satisfy their sexual fantasies.Why?
The reasons were many, from "the small size is ok, but I want something bigger," or "a medium size sex doll is more beautiful" or "I want to have sex with very realistic dolls."
Our customers have the highest priority, and every desire is an order for us, and we have designed a product line called iRealDoll medium size sex dolls to meet all the demands of our beautiful customers.
These sex dolls are made to have a height between 145 and 158 cm, the size of a thin woman of medium height, considered the most beautiful woman in the world for the proportionate and light body. Our medium size sex dolls are designed in many models, like the MILF, the policewoman, the Asian, the movie diva, the American sex doll and also the elf from another dimension. In this collection, the imagination of our designers has unleashed and created something unique and incredible.
Also, our medium size sex dolls have different sizes of breasts, from the small one up to the M cup for lovers of huge tits but still proportionate to the size of the doll.
The materials used are of the highest quality and create the same feeling like a real woman, except the problems that cause every day and the excuses that create for not having sex with you. These medium-size sex dolls have no reason for not having sex with you and will treat you like the real King of their lives.
Erase stress and have sex with one of our love sex dolls, your life will change forever.

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