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Large Size Sex Dolls (160cm-170cm)

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The development of new products by iRealDoll could not stop at medium-sized sex dolls, but continued to create the best sex dolls in the world, the large size sex dolls, the new generation sex dolls that are the size of the best models of the world and of women who are considered the style icons of the '10s. Each large-size sex doll in our catalog is designed to fit in the 160-170 cm range, the size of a woman with a height higher than average, with long legs, a beautiful breast, and a very seductive body.
Customers have appreciated this category, and these products are always the best sellers of our site, and we continuously receive enthusiastic feedback from many people who thank us for creating beautiful large size sex dolls. In our large size sex dolls, you can find the best MILF, Asian babes, American ones, sexy lingerie, Asian dolls, and even the elf and queen of vampires! Name a large-size sex doll, and you'll find it in our catalog.
And what about the breast?

The size of the breast of large size sex dolls is in the range A-N cup, with giant tits proportioned to the height of the doll, with soft silicone nipples to suck with so much energy, real silk clothes and the latest generation silicone skin perfect and identical to the skin of a bikini model.

We are happy that our audience has appreciated our large size sex dolls and we promise to expand our catalog with new proposals, for example, the biker, or the policewoman, the entrepreneur, the athlete, or even the Amazon princess, our fantasy is unleashed.
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