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Japanese Sex Dolls

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Japan has always been a fascinating land for many people. The history of the country, the traditions, the monsters, the manga, the high technology, the contrast between technological development and cultures, has created a nation that is unique in the world also regarding sex. Japan is famous for being a country with many contradictions, the famous censored porn movies, the ban on showing pubic hair but not the other parts of the body and the famous Geishas. To try to reproduce better this country the staff of iRealDoll has created his proposal of Japanese Sex Dolls, a complete and unique project in the world.

In this section, you will find an extensive series of dolls, like the uninformed student, the maid, the escort, the manga fan, the classical geisha, and the modern version, the big-breasted and the teenaged doll.

All these Japanese Sex Dolls are characterized by one thing: absolute obedience to the master, in true Japanese style.

In fact, all our Japanese Sex Dolls are willing to do all kinds of sex with you, from regular sex to anal sex, up to regular oral sex at any time of day and anywhere. You are the master, and they are the geishas who have sworn total obedience until death, as a real samurai.

All the Japanese Sex Dolls by iRealDoll are made with top quality material, with particular attention to the face, shaped by hand to be absolutely identical to that of the most beautiful women of the Land of the Rising Sun, in the perfect breast and entirely similar to the human and to create asses worthy of a work of art.

When you buy one of our Japanese Sex Dolls, you will let the true spirit of Japan come into your home, and it will never leave you.

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