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Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls

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The modern model of beauty is a thin woman, with a flat stomach, long legs, and a proper breast. The hips of the woman must be, and the perfect measures are 90-60-90, but in antiquity, the sexiest women in the world were fat or curvy, with large hips, round bellies, and a beautiful big breast. To have proof of this affirmation, it is enough to look at many pictures of ancient Greece, of the Romans or of the Renaissance period, where the models were fat or curvy, and women who were too thin were considered ill and sexy.

Only the advent of Playboy models and bikini models has changed this way of thinking, but we have not forgotten the fans of the curvy genre, and have created our offer of Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls, which will satisfy all their tastes.
Our Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls are big and strong, they are strong and determined dolls, able to defend themselves from every assailant and prepared to face without problems even the most brutal sexual relationship in the world.

Anal sex? No problem. Vaginal sex? Their dream. Oral sex? The mouth is open and wet.

To realize these Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls, we have invested a lot on the synthetic silicone fabric identical to the human skin that covers the dolls, which is able to give the wonderful feeling of fat curvy women and breast implants, which are enormous and can resist to every kind of pressure without problems. You can slap your breasts with your penis or your hands, and you will never break, you can have sex in every position without the problem of excessive weight but with the same sensations as a real woman, because our Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls are better than real women because they are always ready for you.