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Blonde Sex Doll

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Marilyn Monroe one day said that "men prefer blondes," and maybe it really is. Blonde women are among the sexiest women on the planet, thanks to their hair similar to gold, white skin, and perfect body. The blondes are not all the same, for example, there are the blondes of northern Europe, famous for never showing their emotions, to have a statuesque body and an extraordinary passion for sex. There are Italian blondes, passionate and lustful, always cheerful and sunny, full of energy and desire to live, they can have sex with each person just known without problems because their priority is to have sex and have a good time with her partner.

You can not fail to mention American blondes, perhaps the best blonde women in the world.
American blonde women are determined, they know what they want and how to get it in every situation, they love to have control of the situation in sex and in the management of every man.

In short, the blondes represent a wide range of women, with merits, defects, aspirations, and contradictions, and we at iRealDolls decided to pay homage to every woman with our line of blonde sex dolls, designed by carefully studying the best blonde women in the world, like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and many others.
The details of our blonde sex dolls are incredible, the skin is soft and velvety, made of silicone, the breast is identical to that of a real woman thanks to the silicone gel implants, and will give you the same emotions of a blonde woman.

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