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Top 10 Asian Sex Dolls

August 20, 2018

Asian Japanese sex doll

Asia is one of the most fascinating continents in the world. History, different culture, technological development, being a vast and contradictory territory, with areas still rural and with ancient traditions flanked by some of the largest cities in the world, make the entire Asian continent a complicated region and worthy of the attention from all over the world. In our line of Asian sex dolls, we tried to represent all the various facets of sex in this vast continent.


The sex in Asia is characterized by geishas and Kamasutra, by the woman who uses her body to satisfy her man in every way but which at the same time retains her independence (it is not a trivial escort, but a much more complex personality), and the main sex book in the world, read every year by millions of people looking for new positions to have and give as much pleasure as possible.


Asian women have a particular body, a different face, unique mouth abilities, and a few moral limitations. We have created our line of Asian sex dolls to allow all customers to choose the best Asian experience in the world.


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Here Are The Top 10 Asian Sex Dolls


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Kara is our small Japanese sex doll, has the size of a teenager or a little woman and has a beautiful body, with soft hair, and utterly foldable skeleton, and two excellent breast implants, which can be proportional to the body or be huge as the protagonist of a manga.

Besides, it's impossible not to fall in love with that pretty face, right?




Many Asian women are small, and Serena is a sex doll that represents a little woman, with the size of a teenager, perfect for sex in small spaces but without giving up any kind of pleasure.


Serena is foldable in any position, has several accessories, or can remain naked, you can touch her hand and wring her tits without any danger of breaking or tearing them; moreover, you have the freedom to penetrate every hole of her body without problems.


Serena is the Asian sex doll perfect for those who are tireless in having sex.



Diana represents a decidedly modern Asia, a dynamic sex doll suitable for city life, a lover of flashy wigs, trendy clothes, and technological gadgets.


Diana is a sex doll that looks like a woman, which you can use at your leisure anyway thanks to the big mouth, big holes, and the possibility to wash and bend her as you wish.


Asia has evolved, and the result is a sex doll like Diana.




Heather is the sophisticated and wealthy Asian sex doll, with a great selection of accessories, heels, and clothes to be more sensual and seductive. Heather has a beautiful face, designed to look like the most beautiful Asian women and never grow old.


With Heather, you will have an eternal pleasure, an Asian sex doll that will remain forever young and available to be penetrated in every moment of the day.


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Janet is a small sex doll with the size of an Asian teenage girl, and that is designed to give you the maximum pleasure and feelings that can provide sex with an Asian teenager available and without limits.


Look at the details of Janet's body, her feet, her ass, her beautiful tits, perfect hands, and imagine what you can do with that body and your erotic fantasy.




Eliza is a silicone sex doll that is specially designed for those who love cosplay, especially female students of Japanese manga and anime.


Eliza's uniform is that of a sexy schoolgirl and makes it really irresistible because a sex doll schoolgirl is something incredibly exciting and able to unleash the imagination of every man.




Melody represents the best for realistic and Asian sex doll lovers with huge breasts, like the characters of Hentai anime. Melody is beautiful, seductive, made of high-quality silicone, and with real silicone biodegradable breast implants.


Melody is the most realistic Asian sex doll experience currently on the market.


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Gillian is one of the most famous Asian sex dolls of the moment, has long hair, long legs, massive holes, and a sensual gaze that drives every man crazy.


Gillian represents the secret soul of many people, apparently polite and quiet and secretly full of passion that can only unleash between the home and the people he or she loves.




Mina is the classic Tokyo businesswoman, always busy with conferences, meetings, meetings with clients and managers, who always wears a dark suit that hides the beauty of the body, the big, round, and perfect breasts and the shaved pussy.


A perfect sex doll for those who dream of fuck the boss.




Buffy is a very controversial doll, her appearance is that of a sexy girl, teenager, and ready to be deflowered, but in reality, she is an adult woman in a small body, who knows all the secrets perfectly to give a great orgasm to the man.


Here are the best 10 Asian sex doll, choose the one you want and have fun with the iRealDoll sex dolls.


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