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Top 10 American Sex Dolls

August 15, 2018

American Sex Dolls

Everyone loves America, the country of wealth, of the American Dream, of opportunities for all, freedom, vice, money, and many contradictions. Our line of American sex doll has achieved great success with the public, who loved the perfection of the details of the body, the creativity, and the designs we used. In our section of American dolls, you can find anything: policewomen, nurses, pin-ups, blonde models, girls in bikinis, African Americans, dolls with big tits, and even elves!


In this article, we will list the 10 best American Sex Dolls according to our customers, only the best directly from New York and Washington for our customers only.


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Baylee is one of the American sex doll most appreciated by our customers, has a vast breasts and a smooth and soft skin, the breast is natural thanks to the material used (silicone gel biodegradable, the same as breast implants) and its dimensions are those of a real adult and seductive woman, the sexy teacher, the MILF, the woman with enormous breasts. Baylee represents the best of America, the desire to seduce, to succeed, and live without limits.



Stella is the African American sex doll famous all over the world for her huge breasts, black skin, and a great ass. A fabulous body and a strong personality, an ass ready to be penetrated, the vagina easy to clean and so much energy make Stella one of the most famous American dolls in the world because she symbolizes the wild soul of America.


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Zaro is our American sex doll with curly hair and huge breasts, designed to be prosperous and the girl's main strength. Men look at her breast, but Zaro is also a tall doll, with a beautiful body and available to be penetrated everywhere as your wish.


The customer can dress her as she wishes, leave her naked, or with only her shoes, she can be a woman, a friend, a sister, everything you want to transgress.

She is Zaro, she has multiple souls, like America.



Annalise is our American Sex Doll elf, an innovative idea able to attract the attention of fantasy lovers. Annalise has the athletic body of a right elf of the saga of the "Lord of the Rings", a white skin, pointed ears and all the characteristics of a real woman, tall, slim and sensual, with a big breast and a flexible skeleton for to be able to do any sexual position without problems.


Annalise undoubtedly represents the new frontier of the sector, that of cosplay and the desire to make love with mysterious creatures.



Priscilla is our American sex doll cowgirl who spends her time riding cows, horses, and having sex with you. Her favorite position is apparently the reverse cowgirl, and our customers appreciate the fact that she is tall, soft, and light, perfect for riding for hours or a cock to be bent in any sexual position.

Priscilla represents classic America, that of cowboys and Indians.



Opal is the American sex doll that is genuinely proud of being 100% American, is blonde, looks like Marilyn Monroe, and represents the best of the American sex doll in the best way.


Blond hair, blue eyes, shaved pussy, high-quality silicone, wide holes, Opal is genuinely the synthesis of American beauty and all that the country can offer to a man.



Have you ever seen American TV series set in a hospital, like "ER?" Tia is out of one of those TV series and is the American sex doll nurse who will make cosplay fans happy. Having sex with the young blonde nurse is an erotic dream for many people, and Tia can be customized with a proportionate breast or huge breasts, can wear a nurse's uniform or an elegant, or even sporty look.


Tia is the nurse of America, who thinks about your well-being.



Savannah is an African American sex doll that has a huge breast, the largest of our collection of American dolls. She has curly black hair, a beautiful body, and very long legs.


Our customers love her look, her gaze, and the sexual charge that manages to transmit in all sexual positions.


Savannah is the perfect representation of American energy, the desire to succeed, and live aggressively.



Renee is an American sex doll inspired by the BDSM world. She wears a black dress, boots, has an aggressive look and her body can bear every kind of sexual activity, even healthy and physical.


Renee is perfect for those who like to overcome the limit with a partner who will never pronounce the "safe word" to stop the game.


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Melanie is the real Barbie, modeled on the famous Mattel doll, a beautiful body, a sculpted seat, soft leather, and soft hair. A daughter who makes parents proud.


A real gem, America's favorite daughter.


Here are our top 10 American sex dolls, choose the one you want, and God Bless America!


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