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Love Dolls: Health And Personal Care

September 21, 2020

Sex Doll Care

Here now is where most of us go wrong. The health and personal care of our love doll are highly paramount at every instance of their usage. Generally speaking, sex dolls are relatively expensive, and letting them rot away with no proper handling means we are quite wasteful. Worse, it could be we are entirely risking our healthy lives towards getting infections and even acquiring physical injuries.


So far, there are lots out there explaining how best we can ensure our dolls remain safe and durable with proper care. Ideally, most of them may not be wrong; however, different dolls come from different manufactures; also, the model matters. The same way you would hygienically care for a TPE love doll is different from how you would do the same for silicone types. In most cases, therefore, the manufacturer will always provide a user manual comprising of the care procedures needed.


Precisely, when it comes to health and personal care of a love doll, a lot goes into consideration. What we are looking for into these two is longevity and safety in usage. In our discussion on this topic, we will unveil some of the key ways we can always use this. Ready? Let us go.


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Proper Hygienic Care Is Key


Cleanliness for a love doll always comes first. It is much frustrating and rather bothering sitting around smelly love partners. In the case of love dolls, they can even be dusty for if they had improper storage. All these muddy conditions are quite repelling; no one would like them. So what's the solution, proper cleaning.


Sex Doll Hygienic


Each sex doll model, more so defined by skin type, comes with its unique ways of hygienic maintenance. Silicone love dolls; because of their less porous 'skin,' they are easier to clean compared to the TPE models. Also, there is this bit of removable orifice. If a doll has such, then cleaning the areas becomes an easy job; otherwise, carrying the entire doll to the washroom is also an alternative.


Few useful tips involved in love doll cleaning includes:

  • Do not use other detergents except the recommended ones
  • Use a soft sponge for scrubbing
  • Do not fully immerse the TPE sex doll in water; it is more porous and may let water affect the inner components.
  • Use warm water, not hot for cleaning
  • Dry the dolls before storage


NOTE: Proper cleaning eliminates any chances for infection acquiring; thus, more focus must be on orifices. At least it is easier to get easy, quick infection through them.


Mindful Storage


Another thoughtful idea on health and personal care of a love doll is minding its storage. Because of their makeup, silicone, TPE, and steel, these dolls remain relatively sensitive to their surroundings. Storing a love doll in wet, humid conditions or dusty ones is never recommendable. Either of these, dust or moisture can always find their way into the inner sections of the doll, causing damages to its movable parts. With moisture, it can even be worse, rusting.


Sex Doll Storage


The procedures on proper sex doll storage are easy to follow. Most sex dolls will have their package boxes that are ever safe and most recommended. Another mindful way for this purpose is using select love doll hangers. These are found separate but still on sex doll stores – alongside the dolls, you can also buy them.


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Remember: A fundamental condition for any storage here also needs to consider the environment. Avoid sex doll storage in humid sections or while wet. Dust is another; no sex dolls should be stored under any of these conditions.


Avoid The Rough Game


We can understand it all; sex with sex dolls can grow quite intense, and a full explosion of it is all we might want. However, at any moment, we should never let our dire sexual cravings mess us up. Sex dolls, though designed for durability they can never handle every sex game played on them. At times, they may give in to excess pressure imposed on them.


Therefore, if we wish for our dolls to last, this is what to avoid, a filthy game in bed. We can explore all we want on these dolls, however, not to the extreme. If anyone likes sadomasochism, then we should do it wth mmoderation when ot comes to our love dolls.


Descent Grooming


Quality grooming is eye attracting. A personal way we can care for our dolls is by embracing it. We can always dress our love dolls how we want I the fashion outfits that interest us most. This way, they may be appealing not only to us but those who see us with them chilling in parks and beaches.


Sex Doll Grooming


Most idollators knows this better. They consider these items love partners, and for that reason, they always give them the best care needed. Apart from clothing, they also keep the doll's hair done in the decent most way possible. Some even consider applying makeup on them to maintain that ultimate sexy look that everyone wants to see.


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Early Repairs Where Possible


Hardly does love dolls get spoiled; however, it happens. Scratches, unmoving joints, and tearing are some of the damages that may affect a love doll. While it may be challenging to find established sex doll repairers, the best solution always is to return them to the manufacturers. There they can decide on better ways to repair it or give you a replacement.


The bottom line, however, is, at all costs, we should ensure we maintain the physical 'health' of our dolls whichever way possible. Rough treatments, improper storages, and carelessness can cost us new dolls which are usualy quite expensive. Another discouraging fact about this is that we may never find that exact model we were used to already – that can be demoralizing.


Conclusively, nothing satisfies most like a decently maintained love doll. With the great personalization we impose on them, the sex doll never deserves to suffer from a lack of health and personal care, not at any cost. Like they take care of us in bed and builds our image in public, we always should ensure we give them the best. Luckily, these products never fall sick; they never eat, making it even easier for us to take care of them the best way possible.


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