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How Long Will My Sex Doll Last

September 17, 2020

Store Your Sex Doll

You will have to spend a good amount of money if you are planning to buy a sex doll. In this situation, it is not unfair to know about the life of your doll. It can vary between two and ten years depending on various factors. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know the tips to maximize the return of your money as well as increase your sex doll life.


Materials Used To Make A Sex Doll


Mainly two materials are used to make real-like sex dolls i.e. TPE or thermoplastic elastomer and silicone. Normally silicone is considered a long-lasting material of these two. A comparison of these materials can help in understanding which one is better.


Silicone: The sex dolls made from silicone are easy to clean as it is a non-porous material. Moreover, this material is more durable than TPE so its doll will not tear out easily. But it is a bit harder and costly material. Though the performance of these dolls is better still you can get good value of your money with TPE dolls.


Silicone Sex Doll 


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TPE: You will have to use dolls made of this material carefully as it is not as durable as silicone. It can wear out easily and quickly. But it can last as long as a silicone doll if taken care of properly.


How Much Do You Use The Doll


A sex doll will naturally wear out quickly if you use it very frequently. To overcome this problem many manufacturers offer replaceable genitals or repair kits with their products. Still, if you use your doll now and then, it may not be easier to repair it. But purchasing a sex doll is not a bad investment as you can still use it for several years even if used heavily. By the time it becomes obsolete in 4-5 years you can get its updated version with the evolution of new techniques.


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How Roughly You Use Your Doll


While knowing about your sex doll life you should also consider how and where you are using it. If you are using it at a rough or uneven surface then even a real girl will get injured what to say of a doll. To use your doll for a long time you must use it as you are using a real sex partner. You should not use it on a surface that can damage its structure.


What Type Of Lubricant You Use


Even while enjoying sex with a doll you must use lubricant as you use with a real woman. While using a sex doll made of TPE you are recommended to use water-based lubricants instead of oil-based as it can be damaging for its material. Though oil-based lubricant is not damaging for silicone still you should try to use a water-based lubricant as an oil-based lubricant cannot be removed easily from the doll while cleaning it.


How You Clean Your Doll


The lifespan of your sex doll also depends upon the ways you clean it. Normally it is recommended to occasionally use warm water to wipe down the entire body of the doll. You should follow the instructions of its manufacturer while choosing a cleaning agent for this purpose. You should avoid using dish soap or detergent used in the laundry for cleaning the doll as they can be very damaging for it.



The manufacturers of sex dolls usually recommend an antibacterial and gentle cleaning agent or offer their product for this purpose. You should follow their recommendations to enhance your sex doll life. Some people use alcohol to sanitize their dolls but with time it can be damaging for TPE as well as silicone dolls.


Moreover, instead of using an abrasive material to clean the doll, you should use a soft cloth or your hands to clean it as it can be damaging for its external layers. Furthermore, you should wipe down its important parts with the right cleaning agent and warm water after every use to avoid the growth of bacteria on it. You should finally rinse the doll thoroughly to remove every trace of the cleaning agent from it otherwise it can damage with time.


How Do You Dry The Doll After Cleaning


The way you dry the doll after rinsing it thoroughly can also affect its lifespan. You should allow the water to drain out as much as possible not only from its skin but also from all of its openings. Then dry the skin of the doll by dabbing it instead of rubbing it with a soft towel.


Before storing your sex doll you should ensure that its every part is dried effectively as moisture in its crevices can trigger the growth of mildew and bacteria. After drying the doll thoroughly you can apply a protective layer of talcum powder to maintain the softness of its surface.


How Effectively You Follow The Instructions To Take Care Of Your Doll


It is recommended especially for TPE dolls to rub mineral oil on them every month. It will nourish its plastic and enhance your sex doll life by preventing it to become dry and brittle.


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How Do You Store Your Sex Doll


The lifespan of your sex doll also depends upon where you store it and how. It is ideal for your doll to store it in a cool and dry environment, away from direct light and fluctuating temperatures. It is better to store it in an upright position instead of folding it which can form crease lines and weaken it with time. If a storage stand is not provided with your doll then you should buy it separately to enhance its life. You can also use a soft dust cloth made of soft and non-dyed material to wrap your doll while storing it. You can also store it naked to avoid its discoloration caused by absorbing the dyes of the cloth wrapped on it.


Store Your Sex Doll


Final Verdict


In this way, your sex doll can last for long if you follow the recommendations and instructions provided by its manufacturer. The tips provided in this write-up can also help you to increase your sex doll life.

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