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Cheap Realistic Sex Dolls Are Available

July 18, 2020

Realistic Sex Doll

Sex dolls are one industry that has undergone tremendous transformation in its production to now the most celebrated, realistic sex doll models. It all began in the sixteenth century between Spanish and French sailors. Then, they only designed dolls from old clothes while in their voyages far from their women. The innovation later reached the Chinese and other parts of the world like Germany from where more modernization took place.


Silicone Sex Doll

What Is A Realistic Sex Doll


A realistic sex doll refers to the recent most sex doll variety featuring lifelike features. Such dolls in this selection show a high level of both physical and structural appearance to the real humans.


A Realistic Sex Doll does have a soft and smooth skin that always has a realistic touch and feel. Like humans, they come in varying heights and body sizes yielding the various model types we have, the BBW sex dolls, the flat-chested, Anime, and so on.


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Key Specifications Of Realistic Sex Doll


When we are talking of a realistic look, our reference is always us humans. Realistic sex dolls or lifelike sex dolls like other markets refer to it simply tries to replicate real sex partners.


Different from the standard types, realistic sex dolls will always feature the following;


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  • Realistic Height


Height is one aspect of a realistic sex doll. All of them tend to fit in within the real human height ranges, meaning, you will always find both the tall and the short. Tall models do measure about 160cm on average with the tallest, the plus-size going up to 170cm.


Short types are the mini sex dolls, the midget, and the tiny sex dolls. They measure from 145cm downwards. Drafts are not in sex dolls however, there are such doll short as them. Meaning, they still have their heights represented.


  • Realistic Weight


The tallest realistic sex doll probably the BBW would weigh about 60kg which is realistic even in human existence.


  • The Similarity In Skin Tone And Appearance


The general outlook of a realistic sex doll is quite lifelike. These dolls feature well-atoned skin in the typical human complexions we already know: black, blonde, and American-American.


Other Special Features That Most Realistic Sex Dolls Will Have


  • AI Robotic Features


It is mostly in realistic sex dolls that you will find these two, AI robotic aspects. These two are only an aid towards emphasizing the already existing realistic aspect. AI robotic dolls can maintain short conversations and show recognizable motions, especially during sexual engagements.


AI Robotic realistic sex dolls also do feature sensors to help detach sexual arousals. Certainly, they will respond when you touch their major sexual organs plus all orifices.


  • Temperature Technology


The latest and high-end realistic sex doll models do warm independently whenever you arouse them sexually. Sex appears more fun realistic when your partner is equally warm to the right temperature.


Why Realistic Sex Doll Is Probably The Best Model You May Need In 2020


Realistic sex doll is one of the 2020 top trending sex dolls you should eye. There are lots of contributing reasons some of which are indicated below.


  • The make sex engagement more real


All the lifelike features making up realistic sex contributes to more realistic sex – you would not want to miss that. From orifices to outward appearances, realistic sex dolls imitates realism and they are worth your money.


  • Cheap realistic sex dolls are available


Not all realistic sex dolls are pricey. Some come with lower prices you can afford. Still, you can find the mini-dolls and a few TPE sex dolls selling under $1000.


  • They are on-trend


The trend at times matter. Realistic sex dolls come with the latest features that you should experience as well.


How Much Are Realistic Sex Dolls


Most realistic sex dolls are pricey compared to the rest of the models. However, like the rest of the models, there are the high-end models, the average, and the low-end types. As expected the most premium designs will always sell high to prices of $3000 and maybe beyond. Low price models also, in this category will sell at about $1000 and below.


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In Summary


Always it is that sex doll model that gives you enough erotic feeling that suits you most. Realistic sex dolls take up the responsibility of creating realistic sex to you the best way they can. Lots of sex doll types belong under this category and you can always find your best. Browse for your Small Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTPE Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsTiny Sex DollsBlonde Sex Doll and many more.

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