Top 5 Best Selling Sex Dolls In Europe 2021

Europe Best Selling Sex Dolls

The best sex doll selection always comes from an individual – the buyer, for this matter. However, making these choices between which one is much better than the other is still a challenge to many. Sex dolls are of numerous types, also known as models; their distinctions come in terms of appearance, body size, and even functionality. Europe is a big continent composing of various distinctive states, tribes, and cultures. The kind of sex dolls that would be appreciated by most people here always must share similar characteristics. First, they most likely identify this region’s people, the complexion, hair color, and overall body structure. This article is only a guide into the most typical but best sex doll models that most Europeans will consider—the selection here bases on the variables mentioned above in addition to fair prices and quality functionality.

Novia 157cm Celebrity Sex Dolls

Novia is quite identical with her red hair and blue eyes. With these features, she represents European persons from England, Norway, and Iceland. Few people from Southern Europe have red hair; only an estimate of 0.57 percent does, and these are majorly Italians. Novia, a celebrity sex doll, is a realistic model, sharing fantastic quality performance features. Besides her prettiness, Novia comes with an irresistible curvy body, medium boobs, and butt size that feels soft on touch. Many who own her already enjoy quality moments not only in bed but at the sandy beaches, hotels, gardens, yards, and so on. Novia is a relatively lightweight sex doll weighing only 30kgs. With such weight and considerable height of 157cm, ferrying or storing her remains pretty much convenient. She will never, therefore, be a luggage one needs to struggle with at any moment.

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Nina 157cm AA Cup TPE Dolls

Nina is another ideal alternative for the best European sex doll of 2020. This high-end design represents the red-hair Europeans with a significantly slender body, medium-sized boobs, and butts. The TPE sex doll lover is a realistic model with all the ultimate features for more inspiring sexual pleasures and companionship. Nina stands in for those hot sexy models in Europe who love sexy men, those who can fuck them all day long – her sexual appetite never seizes. Considering the tough economic times, we offer Nina at the most relaxed price, way below what most people would expect. This does not compromise on her functionality; still, she will be the same Nina who will be pretty and capable of producing sound, moving, and even increasing their body temperature when sexually aroused.

Arlene 165cm Life Like Sex Dolls

Big boobs! We got some yummy breasts for those who want to ‘feed’ more. Our Arlene got the motherly love; her boobs form such a soft, well-comforting pillow most men would want to rest their heads. The Reddish brown hair doll quite identifies well with the Europeans starting with the hair. Her skin remains fair, eyes brown and height, tall enough just like typical European ladies.

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This amazing sex doll design matches well those looking for a curvy sex doll but with big boobs. The TPE love doll comes with sexy smooth skin, a pretty face with a smiling hint, well-accomodating orifices, among many others. With a convenient weight of 36kg, Arlene is always stable enough to stay in lots of sex positions for greater accessibility. Her long legs are often recognizable; for many, this will be a greater fantasy element that will always encourage quick orgasm.

Cybill 171cm Big Boobs Sex Doll

Another big boobs option we have in this listing is Cybill. She is a different model compared to Arlene, taller, and heavier. Cybill is one of our best European sex dolls featuring reddish-brown curly hair and long legs. Another feature that adds to its identity is her beautiful sexy blue eyes. Cybill features a medical grade TPE material and a steel metal skeleton that hold it firm. Her orifices are realistic and offer the perfect grip, thus enhancing overall pleasure. For those who like scissoring, Cybill should be one of the best sex doll choices. Her soft and sexy boobs are convenient to hold, massage, and suck in the entire process. Because of her vast dimensions, 171cm tall and 41kg, Cybill is perfect for those who may have lots of storage or usage space. Do not forget; this doll is quite convenient for the winter seasons. Her self warming technique helps warm the bed and make sex with her even more realistic.

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Stacey 148cm S Cup Small Sex Dolls

Where are those who love teen sex doll? Here is a quality model worth considering. Stacey is one of our European teen sex doll that gives men the best they always want in bed. Little and innocent as she appears, Stacey is a pro-sex gamer whose sexual appetite never relent. The specific details about this luxurious doll is first her pretty looking face. Next, it all follows her sexy body, a flat tummy, soft TPE skin, S cup size boobs, and a curvy booty that feels awesome on touch. With a weight of 26.2kgs, Stacey is highly considerable for those also looking for a lightweight option – repositioning her remains, therefore highly convenient. Because of her relatively low price, we highly suggest Stacey for anyone wishing for such features and qualities. Note that our low prices do not compromise the doll’s features and functionality.


Europe experiences four seasons of climate, a crucial consideration one should make when making their purchases. The winter seasons always needs us to have self-warming sex dolls. These realistic sex doll does so and will therefore provide the needful comfort throughout. Apart from these models, there are still lots of options we have. Check out the latest sex doll models available. These come in discrete shapes, appearance, size, and functionality as well. NOTE: All the above-discussed sex dolls allow further customization. Here, the options and allowances consider the nipple color, wig color, eye color, feet type, pubic hair, and joint type.

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