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There cannot be any doubt that sex has a very important role to play in our lives. When it comes to sex in modern times, it has been found that men are perhaps more comfortable having sex with inanimate objects than real women. This is backed by the growing demand for realistic sex dolls. There has been a phenomenal growth in the growth of human sex dolls and the growth has been quite impressive over the past decade or so. So many of us often are keen to ask the question whether sex dolls are better than women. If demand is the basis for answering this question, it is quite obvious that men perhaps are more comfortable getting physically intimate with dolls rather than real women and girls. There should be some good reasons for this and it would be a good idea to find out the right reply the question if the real sex doll is here to replace women in flesh and blood.

Technology Has Moved On

While there could be many reasons for the growth of sex dolls, there are a few that are quite obvious. To begin with, the technology that is used in making sex dolls has moved quite a bit. Therefore, the world of robot sex dolls that was heard in stories and in some movies is now becoming real. They are also becoming quite real when compared to spouses and wives who may have become frigid and bereft of emotions and excitement. This is perhaps the reason why there is a huge surge in the demand for surrogate girlfriend-dolls from men not only in this country but also across the world. The body and other physical contours of these sex dolls also have gone through quite a bit of change and this also could be one of the reason for the growth demand for these sex dolls amongst men. In fact there are some discreet doll manufacturers who have interviewed men to know their opinion and feedback about the life size sex doll that they may be using.

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The findings are quite interesting and impressive. According to them, many men who have tried having sex with dolls are quite happy and they may never ever want to have a girlfriend again. In fact there were some exhibitions of sex dolls in some cities where the life sized sex dolls were honoured and respected for their awesome beauty and for meeting the sex needs of the men. The market for sex dolls is growing because of a number of reasons and one reason is that there are many men who simply would like to collect sex dolls. There are also other men who would like to spend the rest of the life with them. Many widowers are happy living their lives with a good TPE sex doll rather than looking for another women in their lives.

They Offer Everything a Living Woman Offers

As mentioned above, technology is perhaps at the forefront when it comes to the growing demand for sex dolls amongst men. The physical attributes are quite amazing and are almost as real as live women with flesh and blood. Every sex doll that we come across has awesome hands, legs, breasts, mouths, lips, breasts and also buttocks. Technology has helped to come out with dollars that are near perfect in terms of almost each and every physical attribute that one could think of. However, the question that often comes to the mind is if it is true or whether is it possible to replace humans with dolls. The answer it is simply not possible now and it is extremely doubtful whether it will be possible even after the next many decades. Hence, if you are a man looking for emotional satisfaction and 100% participation from the other end, then it is quite obvious that men will not be able to replace women with sex dolls.

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There May Be No Feedback

While there is no doubt that modern day sex dolls may have everything going their way in terms of look and feel and also in their ability to offer sexual satisfaction to the men, there are a few things that cannot be ignored. First and foremost, whatever sexual experiences that men may have with their lovable doll, it is all one sided. You cannot expect any feedback or participation from an emotional standpoint. Having sex with a doll may be equivalent to having a fantasy play and men are limited only by their imagination.

There Are Some Positive Psychological Reasons

While it is a fact that there is hardly any participation or feedback from the dolls when a man engages in sex with them, there could be some psychological reasons that may lead an individual man to get attracted to a sex doll. These could be their inability to connect or gain access to other women, or social anxiety and shyness. Further, many young lads with inexperience and self-consciousness may find these sex dolls to be the best option for satisfying their sexual needs and fantasies. According to some sexologists, there is a close connection between intimacy and sex. When a man is made to undergo social isolation, it could be quite on his physical and mental health. This becomes all the more evident and pronounced as the men start ageing. To avoid this situation, it may not be a bad idea to try and move towards sex dolls so that they find avenues to not only satisfy their hormonal needs but also get psychological and other forms of comfort.

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It could come in very handy for men who may have lost their partners through divorce, death or because the relationship has broken for some reason. People with disabilities may also not have easy access to other partners and they may find sex dolls an excellent emotional and physical company.

However, these are still very early days and it looks extremely difficult or perhaps even impossible for men to totally and completely move away from women and jump the sex doll bandwagon. If it happens such men may start avoiding live relationships and this could deprive them of the warmth and richness associated with these real life relationships.


Therefore, it may not be possible to give a straight jacketed answer to the question as to whether sex dolls are better than women. It all depends on the individuals’ position and situation in their lives and their specific preferences, needs and requirements. Anyways, getting indulged with sex dolls is a pleasurable experience, more often than not.

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