Are Female Sexbots An Objectification Of Women

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Ever since long ago, lots of societies all across the world have perceived women as sex objects. It is quite unfortunate that even until now, the perception still holds for many. The result of it is that lots of girls have had to undergo the lowest paths in their lives to satisfy their so-called ‘kings,’ the men who always want unlimited sexual and ego satisfaction.

Even as the women’s rights organizations and institution back fight against sexual abuse of girl-child, other sexual satisfaction options keep on rising, and men are still the principal beneficiaries. Female Sexbots has become a trend in the many sex and relationship discussions today. Many lust men have resorted to this option however yet; the fight is not all. The question that still disturbs the minds of many is whether or not female sexbots influence the objectification of Women.

That is what we are going to find out on this page. Keep reading.

 Why Men Go For Female Sexbots

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Let’s, first of all, begin by knowing why men go for these sexbots.  For most people, it is for their reasons; however, only a few people consider them out of influence and probably desire for experimentation. Here are the top vital reasons.


We all need a close-by friend or someone we can share with our moments and stories. No sexbot can converse at least not the same as a real human being. Then one would wonder how then do they provide companionship. Have you heard of idolators yet? These people own some of the best realistic sex dolls, and they treat them as wives taking them out and spending precious time with them. Well, this is the companionship we are talking about. A real sex doll comes with more human resembling features, which gives you a sense of having a real person beside you.

Sexual Satisfaction

The primary purpose of female sexbots is to provide sexual pleasure. Married or not, you can choose to have your real sex doll selecting from the different categories available. The design of each is to ensure you get all the sexual fulfillment you would want. Apart from the satisfaction, they are a training platform. Those who wish to explore the different sex styles or getting in sex life can practice a lot from these bots. On this accord, as a woman, you can also get your male sex doll and keep on enjoying and training as well.

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Saves Budget

Unless you are buying torso sexbots, sex dolls are generally expensive. However, not even the most costly silicone sex doll compares to the total cost of having a human partner. As long as they are still alive, humans will want medical bills, your time and commitment, food, clothing, shelter, and many others, which at the end of the day makes them more expensive. Hence, sexbots offer immense sexual satisfaction more cheaply.

No Risks Of Pregnancy

Not even a single female sexbot can conceive. Hence, for men who probably will have no time looking after their families, sexbots offer a more significant relief on acquiring sexual pleasures. They can get a lifelike sex doll and enjoy the intimacy they wish without worrying about pregnancy.


Your darling realistic sex doll will never spread any STI to you, not unless you share and fail to clean her properly. Also, when it comes to the material make, neither a silicone or TPE sex doll will harm you. These materials are of high quality and entirely safe. Apart from these, their pleasure hole’s design consists of the soft material of which with lubrication they become more realistic and cause no frictional harm.

What Women Think About Female Sexbots

The discussion on what women thing of sexbots is usually a controversial one. While others entirely support their use, others entirely reject them. However, the variance in opinion here depends on an individual’s perceptions and reasons.

Those Who Support

It might sound strange, but it happens. Some couples chose to introduce sexbots into their love relationships for various reasons. For instance, if one partner stays far away, maybe in another continent, meeting might be tricky; hence, instead of cheating, the partners can agree to get sex dolls at lease to satisfy their sexual desires.

Another case will be if one of the partners is ill or suffering from a chronic ill-health condition that can’t allow them to enjoy or let alone have sex. The other partner can buy a sexbot with the consent of the other to help control their lust. One better fact with these bots is that they never have hormones and so feelings. Meaning, it will be easier to shift your attention to your partner whenever they come along.

Women to poorly performing husbands may as well want these sexbots to help their relationship. Their husbands can use them as a training platform to get used to the various sex positions and styles their women want.

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Some women would also want them to spice up their romance and sex lives in general. Three-some, four-some, and a lot more are typical sex games many play these days, and they love it. Thus, instead of introducing a real human in the mix, they can help alternatively.

Those Of The Contrary Opinion

Not all women support the use of these sexbots. Some bitterly refuses to accept their use. However, on a keen lookout, the main reason behind all these is jealousy. They always feel a sense of insecurity that their partners might divert all their attention to these bots.

Others also believe that a female sex doll will always change a man’s opinion about women. They trust that a female sex doll makes a man view to see them as sexbots too. Hence, they will never hesitate sexually abusing those they see around.

Part of this group also holds the view that the use of sexbots is immoral. Hence, they would let their husbands involve themselves in such an act of using them or bringing any near their families.

As you can see, all the sides seem equal in the strength of their argument. What matters, however, is whether they make you comfortable or not. If they do, you can get such a real sex doll; they will serve you better, especially if they are of excellent quality. Those who do not accept their use, you know what you can do, do not let them feature in your relationship – they might only destroy it.

Are Women Responsible For Their Objectification

Yes, but again no. While some women strongly cling to the fight against sexual abuse of girl-child other women are themselves allowing themselves to face the violence. Coming to think of prostitution, how many women are involved? At least you would miss one in any civilized town why? Is it men’s fault in while they do all these? Are there no women acting pornography?

Some men grow into objectifying women simply because it is they who present themselves as objects. Naturally, the sexual desires of a man are higher than that of women, meaning the slight temptation might get them into the abuse act so quickly.

To a more significant extent, women themselves have accepted to be sex objects. While others take it as a business, others see pride and fame in it. At the same time, there is the fighting arm. Several girl-child supporting institutions are all over preaching against the sexual violation of women. However, that isn’t enough yet. Still lots of related cases keep on coming day by day.

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What Is Female Rights Societies’ Opinion On The Use Of Female Sexbots

The United Nations, together with OAK Foundation are some of the leading organizations fighting against violation of women and girl-child rights. Their primary goal is not to stop the use of sexbots; however, what matters to them is that a girl-child should remain safe from sexual abuse.

They ensure men stop perceiving women the same way they do sexbots. They want men to realize women are human and not sex machines.

To succeed in their mission, they have come up with helpful programs to eliminate sexual abuse in girls, and the way to do it is by;

Instilling positive vibes in men and boys concerning girls in general. They make them understand the worth of respecting the rights and sexuality of a girl-child. Secondly, they try as much as possible to educate the young in their adolescent stages the importance of building healthy relationships.


The discussion on whether or not sexbots influence the objectification of women has been there for quite some time and is likely not ending soon. It is like society had decided it earlier, women to be sex machines to women. The rise in civilization in some way is trying its best to change all these perceptions, but a substantial weight still keeps pulling it down. The minds of some societies remain corrupted with the belief that women forever are men’s servants despite how.

You can truly realize this in women who entirely supports the use of sexbots. They see no negativity in them, and if anything else they see positivity – a more convenient way to satisfy sexual desires. The female rights societies also won’t stop until they see no sexual abuse influenced by a female sex doll come to any girl. So, it is a whole mix of issues and push and pull game.

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